• Photo Phriday: Humans of New York Tumblr


    Happy Friday to all!

    This week we are simply thrilled to have stumbled upon (thank you twitter) this awesome tumblr: Humans of New York.

    Brandon Staton, creator of Humans of New York captures precisely what it's title states. The project is an "effort to create a photographic census of the city of New York, with an eye toward creating artistic portraits of strangers on the street". He's already gathered over 4,000 street portraits and they are wildly interesting. Once he shoots the portrait, he adds a candid anecdote from the shoot or some one liner describing the image and setting the scene. To read more about the goals of the project, click here. Here are a selection of the ones that we like best. Warning: it was tough to only choose our top 3, with their captions.


     - "Colors are becoming to anyone. Even a little puppy, when it has a coat on, it's very nice. Now go get me a peice of pizza, I mean it. Go."


     - "Keeping the thrill alive."


     - "Seven words I love to hear, 'hold on, let me get my parrot'"

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