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    untitled - It came as much of a shock to us as to everyone else when the call came in that Gourmet and Cookie were closing.  It was not because we had a number of photographers that had jobs lined up in the calendar - which they did, or that Marcus Nilsson had just returned from a week long shoot with Gourmet - which he did, but that we couldn't believe they had met the same fate as Domino.  If you want to lament with the rest of the world, visit http://thankyougourmet.com - There are a number of posts commenting on the beauty and style of the photography used, one of them was particularly interesting: "... The magazine turned food photography on its head.  There was a richness about their photos.  They worked with photographers whose work is very sensual, and that became their house style in a way.  I think there was a love and respect of pictures and you see that on their pages.  It felt very passionate.  You looked at the pictures and you were inspired to make something." - James Dunlinson, design director at Martha Stewart Living

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