• HUGH STEWART shoots SUSAN BOYLE in style


    untitled - untitled - Hugh Stewart shoots Susan Boyle, star of Britain's Got Talent, for Harper's Bazaar in her first major magazine interview.  The images have shown up everywhere causing quite the stir.  Check out the video to see Hugh in action!!!

  • a conversation with an art director...


    untitled - It came as much of a shock to us as to everyone else when the call came in that Gourmet and Cookie were closing.  It was not because we had a number of photographers that had jobs lined up in the calendar - which they did, or that Marcus Nilsson had just returned from a week long shoot with Gourmet - which he did, but that we couldn't believe they had met the same fate as Domino.  If you want to lament with the rest of the world, visit http://thankyougourmet.com - There are a number of posts commenting on the beauty and style of the photography used, one of them was particularly interesting: "... The magazine turned food photography on its head.  There was a richness about their photos.  They worked with photographers whose work is very sensual, and that became their house style in a way.  I think there was a love and respect of pictures and you see that on their pages.  It felt very passionate.  You looked at the pictures and you were inspired to make something." - James Dunlinson, design director at Martha Stewart Living

  • light breakfast


    untitled - David Sykes shot this "light breakfast" for a personal project - it has been featured and raved on a number of blogs over the past few months such as aphotoeditor,  swissmiss, sayyestohoboken, and core77 to name a few.  David has continued his food series with the latest "spaghetti and meatballs" shot with a barrage of gym equipment (including socks and towels for the cheese). untitled -

  • just HANGING around with LEE CLOWER


    untitled - A little behind the scenes action shot of Lee Clower as he interacts and just hangs out with some of the kids on one of his recent shoots.  It makes it a little easier to understand just how he gets such an amazing response from the kids he shoots... they LOVE him! untitled -

  • red one


    [wpvideo XA2qn7Ol] Personal project shot by Tamara Muth King shot with the red one camera.... Check out some of the stills taken from it below!untitled - untitled -

  • Smoke Free United


    [wpvideo 3wexdfPL] Frank Herholdt created this test using stills that he shot for an anti-smoking campaign in London. Some of the actual stills are below.

    untitled - untitled -

  • Cynthia Rowley


    untitled - One of Lee Clower's backstage pics was used as the cover for the Cynthia Rowley Spring 2010 look book!!!

  • photographer in training


    untitled - On the last day of a recent ad job in NYC, Hugh Stewart brought his talented daughter along.  Matilda helped take the last shot... giving artistic direction of course.  Looks like she may be the next addition to the JMI roster!

  • new photographer : LEE CLOWER!!!


    [caption id="attachment_80" align="aligncenter" width="449" caption="latest addition to JMI"]untitled - [/caption] Check out the newest addition to the JMI roster.  Lee Clower shoots portraits and kids both with the same style and aethsetic.  Lee has shot for clients such as Cynthia Rowley, W Magazine, Cookie Magazine, Rag and Bone, The New York Times, and Melissa Sweet to name a few.  Were excited for the opportunity to work with him and to see whats next!

  • what an eye


    untitled -

    James Merrell - spotted - on Jennifer Ramos' blog as a talented and gifted "favorite" interior photographer.



    [caption id="attachment_65" align="aligncenter" width="450" caption="Jane, 2008"]untitled - [/caption] On a daily basis, the editors of PDN select and post noteworthy photos into a blog - http://www.pdnphotooftheday.com - Yesterday, July 20th, an image of Amy Postle's was selected!  This same image is currently being featured in the group exhibition "Summertime" at the Robin Rice Gallery.



    [caption id="attachment_59" align="aligncenter" width="450" caption="the corner of 22nd street and 8th ave"]untitled - [/caption] Who would have known it would take an entire month to catch back up after our third event at CONNECTIONS NYC.  It was such a great experience!  Two full and jam-packed days of meeting new clients and catching up with old ones.  There was such a great turn-out, despite the torrential downpours that plagued the second day of the event.  Its crazy that it's over after all of the prep that goes into it... before you know it next years will be here! Take a look at the online tour to have a better look: www.lebook.com/connections/reportny09

  • behind the scenes at the MGM


    [caption id="attachment_40" align="aligncenter" width="450" caption="MGM Grand - Las Vegas"]untitled - [/caption] Just another day in the life.... James Merrell spent three days in the sun - and sometimes waste deep in the pool - while shooting the MGM Grand in Las Vegas with the ad agency Cramer-Krasselt.  This was happening at the end of February... when it was still FREEZING and gross in NYC... must be nice.

  • Marcus Nilsson - Macys Culinary Council


    [caption id="attachment_15" align="aligncenter" width="408" caption="Tyler Florence"]untitled - [/caption] Shortly after New Years day, Marcus jumped on a plane bound for LA for the start of his latest Macys ad job... finishing a few weeks later in NYC in mid March.  Four shoot days and seventeen chefs later.. we begin seeing them in all major publications.

  • down and dirty


    [caption id="attachment_56" align="aligncenter" width="450" caption="Marcus and the three pigs"]untitled - [/caption]

    Recently Marcus spent a few days upstate shooting an upcoming cookbook... of course he makes a few new friends.  Not too sure the pigs will make an appearance in the book or not... or in what form...

  • John Dolan Seen and Heard


    [caption id="attachment_52" align="aligncenter" width="450" caption="1000th issue of The Independent "]untitled - [/caption]

    John Dolan's iconic image of a boy from radiated Chernobyl was reran on the cover of the 1000th issue of British newspaper, The Independent.

  • cynthia perez studio exhibition may 14th


    [caption id="attachment_45" align="aligncenter" width="450" caption="Cynthia Perez Photograph"]untitled - [/caption] Mark your calendars!  THURSDAY MAY 14th - one of our newest additions to JMI will be having a studio exhibit with new work! Please come have a look, enjoy some good food and wine, and meet Cynthia!  Look forward to seeing you there!!! 36 EAST 23RD STREET

  • Newest addition to the JMI family


    [caption id="attachment_23" align="aligncenter" width="450" caption="JMI welcomes Nathan Devilliers"]untitled - [/caption] On April 8th, 2009 - at 1:10 am - Frank and Helena welcomed new born baby Nathan Devilliers Herholdt into the world, and we are SO excited to meet him!!!

  • The Right Stuff


    since it IS 2009 - we, the girls at judith miller inc, have decided to join the rest of the 21st century and start a blog.  we're pretty excited about it.  apparently everyone is doing it.  at first we wondered if it was something that we should do - sort of like admitting that we get excited when we hear an old New Kids on the Block song.  do people actually do that?  however, its quickly become one of our guilty pleasures... right up there with reality tv, celebrity magazines, and pinkberry.  hopefully everyone will enjoy reading some of the posts even half as much as we enjoy posting them.  as we dive into the world of blogging and we become bigger and better bloggers... go ahead and send us some of the blogs youve become addicted to (because lets be honest... this is a bonafide addiction).  our next step - twitter... stay tuned.

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