• Tom Watson's latest shot...


    untitled - ...is very seasonally appropriate.

    JMI wishes everyone a happy holiday!  See you in 2011!

  • TOM WATSON shoots studio fashion


    untitled - untitled - untitled -

    untitled - Tom Watson recently shot a beautiful, bright, and fun fashion shoot in studio!





    untitled - untitled - untitled - untitled - untitled - untitled -

    Jessica Todd Harper has been very busy lately!  Here are a few of my favorite of the latest images... to see more check out her recently updated site!

  • Hugh Hartshorne shoots latest Estroven ads with agency Grok


    untitled - Hugh Hartshorne recently partnered up with NY based agency, Grok.  The ads are coming out one by one, however, this is the latest.

    Hugh Hartshorne's portraits are amazing and extremely unique - take a look.

  • CHRISTINE RUDOLPH on top of the world with BANANA REPUBLIC


    untitled - Every now and then you get one of those amazing dream jobs... where you get to work on top of a mountain with an amazing view and amazing products and amazing people... and a llama.  Christine Rudolph just finished that very dream job, and the images are beautiful.  Take a look... and get inspired to get all that Christmas shopping done before the 23rd.

    untitled -

    untitled -

    untitled -

    untitled -

    untitled -

  • DAVID SYKES latest test!


    untitled -



    untitled - Hugh Stewart can definitely shoot a group.  See the images he shot for Marie Claire's 50th anniversary issues... all in camera.

  • James Merrell shoots Living Etc.


    untitled - untitled - untitled - untitled - untitled -

    untitled - James Merrell shot a beautiful six page story for Living Etc.  He has a way of making interiors look even more beautiful than they already are.

    Take a look at his site when you have a moment!

  • Marcus Nilsson shoots Christmas dinner with Bon Appetit


    untitled -

    untitled - untitled - As if we needed another reason to be excited for Christmas!!!  Take a look at the latest feature in Bon Appetit magazine shot by Marcus Nilsson.

  • Ericka McConnell shoots TJMaxx Holiday Shoot


    untitled -

    untitled - untitled -

    untitled -

    Ericka McConnell's latest work for TJMaxx Holiday is now online and up in stores!

  • Lee Clower's Monochromatic Series...


    untitled - untitled -

    untitled - Check out a few of Lee Clower's outtakes from his upcoming monochromatic video series!

    Lee is working on a series including milk on white, cherry juice on red, orange juice on orange, etc.  In each video the only movement will be the girls' hair and the juice disappearing.  The videos will also be featured on our blog so stay tuned!

    Check out Lee's latest childrens work on our jm-jr site!

  • DAVID SYKES shoots the first issue of UK based Icon Magazine's redesign


    untitled - David Sykes recently shot the cover of the redesign issue of "Icon", a well known design and architecture magazine based in the UK.

    Looks awesome.

  • Amy Postle's "Time To Shine" in Fitness Magazine


    untitled -

    untitled - Amy Postle has a beautiful story in Fitness Magazine this month, "Time To Shine".  Pick one up and take a peek... perfect timing with the holidays coming up!

  • Marcus Nilsson shoots Marcus Samuelsson for MACY'S Culinary Council


    untitled - Marcus Nilsson shot a large number of famous chefs on both the east coast and west coast for Macy's Culinary Council, including Marcus Samuelsson.

    FUN FACT: Before Marcus Nilsson became a photographer, he originally worked with Marcus Samuelsson at Aquavit.  It's actually what brought him to NYC in 1997.  Marcus has always had a love for food and it's easy to see his culinary background shine through his photographs.

  • Mikkel Vang shoots Vogue Living


    untitled - Mikkel Vang's latest story in Vogue Living, Whole In One, has recently hit the news stands.  Check it out!  It's absolutely beautiful!

  • Lajos Geenen in Long Island City


    untitled -

    untitled -

    untitled -

    untitled -

    untitled -

    New York City is a constantly changing place.  It is ever evolving in order to remain a central point for global commerce, finance, media, culture, art, fashion, research, education, and entertainment.  Change can be perceived as a positive thing to some and a negative thing to others, depending on how that change affects the individual.  Lajos Geenen's latest series uses both text and photography to document one change in NYC - specifically in LIC - and how it effects those within it in different ways.  Take a look at Fabiano Busdraghi's blog, cameraobscura, which features this story.



    untitled - untitled - untitled -

    untitled - Hugh Stewart recently shot a reunion story for Entertainment Weekly with the cast of The Lord Of The Rings in Sydney.  Hugh also shot the original stills for the movie and now, years later, reunites to shoot Hugh Weaving, Miranda Otto, Cate Blanchett, and Ian McKellen.

  • New Parenting covers by ERICKA MCCONNELL


    untitled - untitled -

    Ericka McConnell's latest covers for Parenting Magazine have just hit the newsstands!  JMI has a number of really great kids photographers, check out jm-jr, a division of JMI.

  • DAVID SYKES Latest Work


    untitled -

    untitled - Check out some of David Sykes' latest work!

  • SUE PARKHILL shoots latest PERSIL ad in London


    untitled -

    untitled - Sue Parkhill has shot the latest Persil Detergent ads that are currently running thru the UK.  HILARIOUS!  Perfect ads for Sue and her quirky sensibility.  Sue is always busy, constantly shooting new ads for Master Card, AOL, Hovis, McDonalds, and Volkswagon to name a few.  Check out some our site to see just a few examples!

  • Hugh Stewart in Marie Claire


    untitled - Hugh Stewart recently took a trip to the rodeo for a fashion shoot featured in Australian Marie Claire.  The shoot partially took place at a real rodeo... with a real rodeo clown... and amazing dresses.

  • NOMA - beautifully styled by CHRISTINE RUDOLPH


    Take one glance at the new book, "Noma, Time and Place in Nordic Cuisine", and you'll be swooning over the beautiful images that fill it cover to cover.  Christine Rudolph and Ditte Isager embarked on a three year journey that was obviously well worth it.  On October 5th, Phaidon published 200 beautifully styled images... words don't do justice, take a look.

    I'm obsessed with this book, so expect more posts with images to follow....

    untitled -

    untitled -

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    untitled -


  • Tom Watson Cerruti fall/winter campaign


    untitled - Tom Watson continues to shoot Cerruti.  See the latest images from the Fall / Winter 2010-2011 Campaign.

    untitled -

  • Marcus Nilsson's cover of Bon Appetit


    untitled - untitled - untitled - Marcus Nilsson's cover for Bon Appetit just hit news stands!  While shooting Lidia and some her star recipes, the two clearly bonded.

    untitled -

  • Lajos Geenen shots Ready Made


    untitled - Lajos Geenen has a beautiful thirteen page story running in the October/ November issue of Ready Made Magazine. Small & Mighty is a story about a number of New York City rising stars.  Lajos shoots still life, interiors, and a number of portraits as he documents how a number of architects, sculptors, and fashion stars make small spaces work for them on the Lower East Side.

  • Target Set with Drew Sackheim



    untitled - Yesterday we had the opportunity to shoot down to The Space studio where Drew Sackheim was shooting a few ads for one of Target's line for kids.  The idea was to create a dreamy and whimsical world for the kids to play in - which set designer Anne Koch successfully produced.  It was a great team and a huge success, not to mention fun to see Drew in his zone and a couple of really cute kids!  We have a couple of action shots that we'll post with the ads as soon as they're out!

  • Lee Clower Backstage Fashion Week


    untitled - Lee Clower was recently backstage snapping away at the Cynthia Rowley show during New York's 2010 Fashion Week.  Amongst all the chaos, he was still able to walk away with some amazing shots!  Take a look... enjoy the photography AND the fashion!

    untitled -

  • David Sykes playing with food


    untitled - David Sykes has been shooting for a lot of food clients in the UK, such as Hellmans and Heinz.  However, in the meantime, he has been shooting food for a number of different personal projects.  We're loving it!  Latest ads soon to come....

  • Marcus Nilsson shoots Bryan Caswell


    untitled - It's near impossible to scroll thru Marcus Nilsson's website or flip thru his portfolio without getting a huge appetite.  He proves this again in this six page story from Texas Monthly, featuring Bryan Caswell and some of his seafood BBQ.  Go ahead... take a look...

  • Tom Watson shoots Target


    untitled -

    untitled - Tom Watson recently shot 9 days in NYC for Target.  His ads of Women/ Teens and Kids are currently running in all Target stores nationwide!  Check out some of the new images for the brand!

    untitled -

  • Christine Rudolph in her Real Simple element...


    untitled - Real Simple just came out with a beautiful eight page story styled by Christine Rudolph.  It's extremely rare for Christine to finish a job without us hearing continuous compliments from the client.  She has an amazing eye for all things style.  Check her out!

  • daily imprint... on Drew Sackheim


    untitled - It's always fun to listen to someone who loves photography; to hear why they love it and how it affects them.  While catching up on daily imprint, I came across an interview with one of our own shooters: Drew Sackheim.  I wasn't surprised, as I love the photographers that Natalie Walton chooses to feature.  Take a look and get a better view of Drew and how he got to where he is today.  Currently, Drew is working with Target amongst a number of ongoing personal projects.

  • Lee Clower shoots Woolrich's Look Book


    untitled - You may have read recently that Mark McNairy has been chosen as the new creative director for Woolrich Woolen Mills.  Take a look at the latest images from his look book - shot by Lee Clower!  Fun Fact: Lee and Mark decided to use Mordechai Rubinstein, famed blogger of Mister Mort, to model the new line.  This isn't the first time Lee and Mark have worked together, the two have been shooting before this new Woolrich endeavor began.  See below for some additonal/earlier images.

    untitled - untitled -

  • Amy Postle's latest Miz Mooz campaign is OUT!


    untitled - Amy Postle continues to shoot the Miz Mooz campaign as the Fall 2010 catalog is landing on people's doorsteps.

    Check out the Coney Island - Spring 2010 and new Fall collection lookbooks now!

  • Jessica Todd Harper in New York Magazine


    untitled -

    Recently, Jessica Todd Harper's images were used in New York Magazine.  The story, All Joy and No Fun, features images she shot of herself; her husband, Christopher; and their two twins, Nicholas and Marshall.  See her link for some more of her latest work!

  • Hugh Stewart shoots Barry and Miranda Otto for Australia InStyle


    untitled - untitled -

    Australia InStyle just featured a beautiful eight page story on actors Barry and Miranda Otto shot by Hugh Stewart.

  • Lajos Geenen featured in UYW - Australian online magazine


    untitled - Lajos Geenen was recently featured in Unless You Will, an online Australian Magazine.  He was selected as an "artist that follows his heart and intuition, who has patience and takes time to realize his dreams".  To be honest... we couldn't say it better ourselves.  Check out the magazine and Lajos' site for some of his latest work.

  • Ericka McConnell ads SPOTTED in NYC


    untitled - untitled - untitled - untitled - untitled - Recently Ericka McConnell shot for TJ Maxx and the images are popping up all over NYC.  She is currently shooting for them on location so stay tuned for the next batch!

  • Amy Postle for FITNESS Magazine


    untitled - untitled - untitled -

    Amy Postle shoots a great six page story for Fitness Magazine.  Flaunting and feeling confident about the little quirks that make you... you.  It was a perfect story for Amy, doing what she does best: make real women - real beautiful.  Currently on news stands - check it out today!

  • Lee Clower shoots Cynthia Rowley Resort 2011


    untitled - Cynthia Rowley decided to do a little traveling for her Resort 2011 line.  She took to the streets of Time Square to shoot the models in front of the Conde Nast building.  This way the editors merely had to walk out front to see the latest creations.  Lee Clower - combined with the runway models - built impromptu sets on  the back of a location van in order to create the fun and creative vibe Cynthia was attempting to accomplish.  I love the mood Lee is able to generate on the set... check it out!

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