• Relishing Rome Shot by Mikkel Vang


    Do you love Rome? Food? Both? Well we certainly have an affinity for both and after viewing January 2012's Conde Nast Traveler, we are more ready than ever to book our Alitalia tickets. Mikkel Vang recently went to Rome with one goal, to capture the beauty of Rome as a city and culinary capitol, and he certainly succeeded! Relishing Rome is an ode to Roman cuisine and displays the fact that for Romans "it's not just the food-- it's the company, the conversation, the conviviality of a meal".

     -  -  -  -  -  -  -

    Wherever you're going for this holiday season, we hope you do as the Romans do and enjoy some great food and great company!

  • Lee Clower for xoJane.com: A Jersey Shore Make-Under


    Whether we admit it or not, a little part of everyone loves that MTV phenomenon, Jersey Shore. Bronzer, booze, and all-out brawls somehow make for (quality?) entertainment, bringing a little bit of the Jersey Shore into living rooms across the country and the world. Getting ready to hit the clubs is a religious ritual in the Jersey Shore house, and Sammi "Sweetheart" insists she takes the longest getting ready. So it's no wonder the team at xoJane.com chose Sammi for a make-under, and Lee Clower was there to capture the transformation. We think she looks much sweeter now! 


    Do you think Sammi should ditch the fake bake and heavy liner for good? See the full story here!

  • Photo Phriday: 2011 was a year of...


    Besides the obvious plug for Google +, Zeitgiest 2001: A Year in Review is a moving compilation of this year's major events in the U.S. and around the world.


    What will you remember most about 2011?

  • Marcus Nilsson in Bon Appetit Jan. 2012


    Can you believe it's almost 2012?! The newstands are already full of January issues, bringing on the new year even faster. Marcus Nilsson's first story in the new year packs a punch with bold, citrus-filled dishes. New Year's resolution: try these recipes at home!


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  • Lee Clower Turns the Camera on Legendary Photographer, Mick Rock


    We all know the 1970's was defined by sex, drugs and rock n' roll. And photographer Mick Rock knows this better than anyone: as "the man who shot the 70's," this radical trifecta served as his muse during one of the most notable decades in American culture. Lee Clower turned his camera on Rock for this week's Up Close column in the New York Times about his new exhibition "Rocked" which will travel to W Hotels across the country in 2012. Check out his iconic images at a W near you!


  • Tricia Guild Feature Shot by James Merrell


    We were very excited to open up the December 2011/January 2012 issue of Living Etc Magazine and see the beautiful story that James Merrell shot of Tricia Guild in her home. The feature entitled "Deck the Halls" showcases the founder of Designers Guild's beautiful home and festive holiday decorations with a twist. Forget the traditional holiday colors of red and green when checking out this story!





     -  -

  • Marcus Nilsson in the New York Times!


    Tired of eggnog reigning supreme over the holiday drink category?  Try serving glogg at your next soiree! Marcus Nilsson shot this  mulled wine drink for the NYT, which you can read about here. Sure to add a sweet Swedish flair to your holiday spirits!


  • Photo Phriday: Alvin Ailey Opening Week!


     - Photo Credit: Alvin Ailey Dance Company

    Not only did this week mark the beginning of the holiday season, it also was the opening week for the Alvin Ailey American Dance Theater. Some of you may recognize the image above from the advertisements for last years Ailey Dance Company season. In honor of a new dance season, we wanted to feature some of the amazing images that capture the beauty and talent of the company! The cool thing about dance photography is that there is so much art involved in each image! If you are anywhere in North America you should dance your way over to the theater! Below is another image we thought was amazing...

    Happy Friday!


  • Marcus Nilsson for Bon Appetit!


    Check out Marcus Nilsson's feature story in the December issue of Bon Appetit...and then make a trip to your local butcher! Nothing warms up those December days like a hearty roast!


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  • Mikkel Vang for Restoration Hardware


    Mikkel Vang captures the comfort of Belgian linen in Restoration Hardware's profile of textile CEO, Raymond Libeert. We love the portrait Mikkel took of Libeert in the flax fields at his family's 150-year old linen mill.

     -  -

  • Mikkel Vang gives us a preview of our favorite holiday...


    Thanksgiving is just two days away...can you even stand it??!! Here's a preview of that glorious meal we're all looking forward to, thanks to Mikkel Vang's beautiful spread in this month's Real Simple. Pick it up to get some last minute tips on preparing your Turkey Day feast!

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  • Photo Phriday: A Different Skyline


    This week, Ashley and Jordan from JMI took a trip to Minneapolis to meet with various Ad Agencies and Art Buyers from great companies! Braving the cold front that came over Minneapolis as soon as they arrived, they were warmly recieved everywhere they went. Thus we decided to dedicate (the bit late) photo phriday to Minneapolis. We selected an image of the Minneapolis skyline at night for today! While quite different than the NY skyline we are used to, it is welcoming and beautiful just the same!

    Shout out to all of the people we met in Minneapolis who made us feel right at home!


     - photo credit to twincityamericanbulldogs.com

  • Hugh Hartshorne Wins an International Loupe Award!


    Congratulations to Hugh Hartshorne on winning a 2011 International Loupe Award! He won for the below image and we are thrilled for him!





  • Battle of the November Covers!


    Remember this Country Living cover shot by Marcus Nilsson we featured a few weeks ago? Well to our surprise and delight, Country Living ran TWO covers for their November issue, and JMI photographers shot both of them!! What a nice coincidence! Mikkel Vang shot the other lovely cover. Looking at these covers side by side, we just can't wait to go home for the holidays. Which one is your favorite?


  • Photo Phriday: A Man on His Bike


    Walking down 8th Avenue on a chilly November evening, we had a photographer star sighting! The pioneer of street fashion and style photography, Bill Cunningham! Now we have seen the documentary about him and have spent countless hours looking at his images in the Style Section of The New York Times...but it was quite something to see him in person. Amazing New York moment right there folks. Thus, this Photo Phriday is to pay homage to the amazing, inspiring, keen-eyed and still biking Bill Cunningham. Ride on!



    A personal favorite "On The Street" shot by Bill Cunningham


    The New York Times- Bill Cunningham

  • Ericka McConnell for Peek


    Take a peek at Ericka McConnell's charming holiday loobook for Peek!

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  • Amy Postle for Fitness Magazine


    After taking a few months off for the birth of her adorable son, Luke, Amy Postle is back in action! Most recently, she shot the cover of Fitness Magazine featuring Caroline Seymore, the reader cover-contest winner. Check out the magazine on stands now! We love how the model is dressed for the season...a cardigan instantly transforms that bikini into winter wear, am I right?! ;)


    We're looking forward to seeing more from Amy!

  • Photo Phriday: Boo!


    As you scramble to get your last minute costume ready for this weekend's festivities, take a minute to check out these pictures that capture what Halloween is all about: scaring each other! Nightmare's Fear Factory had the brilliant idea to snap pictures of those brave enough to walk through the fright-filled mansion at the exact moment something scares them. They've complied an entire Flickr full of hilarious reactions that makes us wonder what it is everyone is so terrified of!


    What are you dressing up as?

  • Tom Watson for SFR (France)


     -  -  -

    Tom Watson's latest advertising work for SFR, the French cell phone company is both fun and playful. For all you who don't know what SFR is, it is the equivelent of AT&T or Verizon in the states. The images were shot in beautiful Marseille, France and when he was here in NY, Tom told us that he really loved shooting this campaign!

  • Marcus Cover Madness!


    Of the many Thanksgiving-themed magazines on stands this month, Marcus Nilsson is featured on not one, but two covers! The November issues of Bon Appetit and Country Living display the best parts of Thanksgiving: turkey and pie!


    Here are a few shots from the feature story in Bon Appetit!

     -  -  -

    Check out more of Marcus' work on his new blog!

  • James Merrell for CitiBank


    Do you have dreams of opening a nail polish color naming agency? Or a store that specializes in custom matching outfits for pets and their owners? Well perhaps CitiBank can help! In their latest campaign for Commercial Banking, James Merrell's shots tell  inspiring stories of growing businesses that might just be the kick start you need to get your idea off the ground.

     -  -  -


  • Lee Clower shoots Joe Jonas


    JoBro Alert! JMI's Lee Clower had the opportunity to shoot Joe Jonas in Calvin Klein for the New York Times. Shooting at the Trump Soho, Lee captured the mature side of Jonas and made us wonder if JJ should take a break from the singing business and take on the runway! Beautiful shots!


     -  -

  • Photo Phriday: Real Life Mad Men (and Women)


    Since our photographers are busy shooting awesome ad campaigns, like this and this, we're dedicating Photo Phriday to those super-creative agencies we know and love. Adweek put together a very cool slideshow of vintage photos from some of the agencies we still work with today. Kudos to the costume and set designers for Mad Men-- it looks like they're spot on!


  • James Merrell for Living Etc.


    One of the best parts about fall is finally being able to describe things as 'cozy'. After months of shorts and iced coffee, we can finally layer on the sweaters and cozy up in front of the fire, which would be the perfect thing to do in the  fabulous home James Merrell photographed for his latest editorial in UK's Living Etc. "The New Cosy" takes those cold weather knits to whole new level!





  • Marcus Nilsson For Birds Eye


    Have you seen the latest ads from Birds Eye? If so, doesn't it make you just want to run out to the store and buy the Steamfresh Chef's Favorites? Marcus Nilsson did an amazing job capturing these images! Check them out, what do you think?





  • The Mad King


    Geoffrey Rush, one of Australia's most famous and well-respected actors, is best known around the world for his roles in Pirates of the Carribean, Elizabeth, and The King's Speech. But Geoffrey Rush has also had a stella stage career, which is being honored with an exhibition "The Mad King: Geoffrey Rush On Stage" at the Performing Arts Collection in Melbourne, Australia. This exhibit is a collection of photographs, costumes and memorabilia from Rush's more notable roles. The actor himself asked Hugh Hartshorne to contribute the images of Rush as King Berenger in Exit the King taken at the Ethel Barrymore Theatre in New York in 2009--for which he won a TONY award!-- and Diary of a Madman that Hugh shot at the Belvoir Theatre earlier that year. A must-see for anyone down under!





  • Photo Phriday: Put A Ring On It


    For this week's Photo Phriday we went to National Geographic's "Photo of the Day" section of their website for a little inspiration. They featured a beautiful image of a creature that is thought of by many to be QUITE hideous.


    The American Alligator in this image is totally ready for a manicure. Can you imagine the size of that thing? If that's what it's claw looks like, I would not like to get anywhere near the rest of it. For more from National Geographic, check out their website. Happy Friday!

  • YouTube Space Lab By David Sykes


    Have you ever wondered if a plant would survive in space? Well, grab your backpack and your space suit and head to outerspace with Youtube. Partnering wih NASA and Lenovo, "Youtube's Space Lab" is asking kids ages 14-18 to come up with an experiment for space. The winning experiment will be performed on the International Space Station and broadcasted live on Youtube! JMI photographer David Sykes was selected to do the photography for the contest and the images are pretty outa this world if we do say so!


    Corny jokes aside, we can't wait to see what they come up with and what experiment wins!


  • JMI takes Chicago


    This week, JMI hopped a flight to the great Midwest, and spent an awesome few days in Chicago. We took in the amazing fall weather, beautfiul architecture, and got to visit with some super cool Art Buyers. We usually try to blend in when exploring a new city, but we couldn't resist the ultimate tourist attraction in Chi Town-- taking the 96-story elevator ride to the top of the famed Hancock Building! Once we saw the view, we couldn't resist snapping a few pics.


    Are you photo-happy when you travel, or do you play it cool and keep your tourist status under wraps?

  • Ericka McConnell for Sei Bella catalog


    When the seasons change, so do the contents of our make up bags. We swap those I-just-spent-the-week-surfing-in-Bali bronzers for bold lipsticks that make sipping a pumpkin spice latte that much more enjoyable. So if you're looking for some fall beauty inspiration, check out Ericka McConnell's latest Sei Bella catalog! The beautiful shots will help you forget about that summer tan and welcome an autumn makeover!




  • Photo Phriday: BIG controversy


    It's almost the weekend and we are giving our work clothes a break and jumping into something a little more comfortable. My comfy outfit includes an American Apparel v-neck tshirt, a sweatshirt from my alma mater and yoga pants. This weekend, it may change a bit in light of some American Apparel controversy I learned about this week.

    It was striking to read about the sex slave allegations against CEO Dov Charney (not sure how we got past that one) and now American Apparel is back in the negative limelight. 22 year old Nancy Upton caught wind of a contest from the LA based brand to find the "next BIG thing" and was disgusted by what she read. The company was looking to find a plus size model to be part of a new campaign to promote the additional sizes added the notoriously "small size" clothing line:

    Think you are the Next BIG Thing?

    Calling curvy ladies everywhere! Our best-selling Disco Pant (and around 10 other sexy styles) are now available in size XL, for those of us who need a little extra wiggle room where it counts. We're looking for fresh faces (and curvaceous bods) to fill these babies out. If you think you've got what it takes to be the next XLent model, send us photos of you and your junk to back it up.

    Disgusted by AA's approach, Upton decided to model and submit herself for the contest, and she won! The controversy continues with AA denying her the crown of contest winner. With no end to this saga in sight (read more about it on Upton's blog) I have decided to boycott my AA clothing and felt it was my duty to share one of her images for photo phriday!




    TGIPP (and you go girl!)


  • Photo Phriday: Boston Edition


    This week JMI hit the road! We packed the books and our iPads, and made the scenic drive up to Boston, where we met some awesome art buyers and got to brag about our fabulous photographers!

    In honor of our trip, we did some research and found out some cool facts about Boston. Not only was this historic city host of the biggest tea party in history, it also served as muse for the first successful aerial photograph in America! On October 13, 1860 Boston photographer James Wallace Black ascended over the city in a hot-air balloon to capture Bean Town from new heights! This particular image sparked an idea in the Union Army, who almost immediately began using aerial photography to spy on the Confederate troops from the sky. By 1862, President Lincoln had even created a Balloon Corps to man the effort!


    What’s your favorite cityscape?


  • Photo Phriday: NY Fashion Week


    Now that fashion week has come and gone, it makes sense to spend a little time on Photo Phriday dedicated to recapping what JMI found to be one of the many highlights of this iconic week in the style world, let's get started.

    You have for sure found yourself in a conversation about it, no need to deny. Between the pop-up store (which was supposed to last for three nights and was sold out after only a few hours) and the website crash of the century on target.com, Missoni For Target has been the buzz of NYFW. At JMI we for sure contributed to the craze but we were shocked and a bit confused when we came across this photograph.



    What in the heck is that you may ask yourself? Well that is Marina the Missoni For Target the "real doll. That’s right, joints, hinges and all. And like every doll, I'm obsessed with everything stylish in the world. So that's what my blog is all about. I hope you enjoy the view."

    This "real doll" (who claims to be "obsessed with everything stylish in the world" aka Missoni For Target ONLY) moved around NYC blogging, tweeting and photographing throughout the week from all NYFW "hot spots" including The Standard, Lincoln Center, Times Square, and Bryant Park. Just when we thought Target had outdone themselves with the amazing commercial spot they did for the line, the fast-selling pop-up store, the several page long ad's in the big fashion mags, etc...they went ahead and got even crazier and created this awkwardly large blogger puppet which took the publicity to new heights, literally. When you look beyond the minimal creepy-ness of Marina it's actually a pretty cool marketing scheme.

    Bravo, Target. We hope that the when we recieve our orders it is all that your marketing hype made it out to be!

    TGIPP (Thank God It's Photo Phriday)


  • First Ever Photo Phriday!





    Welcome to the very first Photo Phriday here at JMI. Each week we’ll post something —a photo, video, ad, etc.—that catches our eye. We thought we’d kick things off with a true icon, who needs no introduction. (shameless plug: our very own Mort Smidt worked for the legend himself!) What have you seen this week? We bet there will be lots to report after NY Fashion Week. It can be anything you find noteworthy in photography, advertising, magazines or just the world! Share it in the comments below!

  • Lucy Schaeffer for Cookies for Kids' Cancer


    Lucy Schaeffer shot dozens of delicious cookies for the Best Bake Sale Cookbook by Gretchen Holt-Witt, available here. Feel good baking these treats because all author proceeds benefit Cookies for Kids' Cancer, an organization that is committed to funding pediatric cancer research through local bake sales. You can find out more about this amazing cause and their powerful cookies here.


  • POP Interviews JMI's Ashley Klinger!


    So we don't only have all-star photographers but we also have an all-star staff here at JMI! President of JMI Reps Ashley Klinger was featured on the POP (Photographers on Photography) blog! Ashley answered many of POP blogger Alison McCreery's questions about the ways in which the agency is transforming, utilizing social media, tricks of the always changing trade and the inside scoop about all things JMI!

    Be sure to check it out! Very exciting!

  • Tom Watson for Massimo Dutti


    Check out the fall/winter Massimo Dutti Boys & Girls collection shot by Tom Watson here. Just in time for back-to-school shopping!


  • Marcus Nilsson for the New York Times Magazine


    Each week, Marcus Nilsson serves up  appetizing eye-candy in the New York Times Magazine. The perfect side dish to Sam Sifton's weekly food column! Check out some of his latest work below.


     -  -  -  -  -


  • New Lee Clower for NYTimes


    Lee Clower does it again! A great shoot with Krysten Ritter for NYTimes Style Section's What I'm Wearing Now. Lee's photographs for this particular spread give us true insights into Ritter's personal style. Sporting a black Alice and Olivia dress with black pumps and black sunglasses one can tell through the photos that her style inspiration did come from her love for films including "Beetlejuice" and other 90's movies. Interesting choice!



  • Hugh Stewart Shoots in a "Terra Nova"


    While it's always hard to say goodbye to summer, there are a couple of things that you can look forward to come with the return of fall. The thought of all of the new TV premiers that are heading our way in September should cheer you right up! Everyone is talking about the new FOX show "Terra Nova" and the people at The Hollywood Reporter asked Hugh Stewart to shoot for a feature on the show in the land down under. Here it is!




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