• Marcus Nilsson in Cooking Light


    In a heat wave like we’re experiencing here in New York, it seems like there are only two options to deal with the weather: take a cold shower, or have a clam bake!  Marcus Nilsson’s appetizing photographs in the August issue of Cooking Light has me leaning toward option 2…


  • Lee Clower shoots Hanneli for NYT


    Hanneli Mustaparta is used to being asked about her wardrobe, thanks to her hugely popular blog that documents the trend-setters daily ensembles. This Norwegian model/blogger/photographer/street style icon can add a new slash to her job description: contributing editor at American Vogue! Lee got to spend some time with the fashionista and her coveted wardrobe for today’s New York Times Style Section “What I’m Wearing Now” feature. It’s no wonder Anna Wintour snagged her to add some flair to our fashion Bible!

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  • Ericka McConnell in The Knot New Jersey


    Calling all Jersey girls! Ericka McConnell captures the beauty of bridal season in the Spring/Summer issue of The Knot New Jersey, on stands now. Ericka’s cover shot and 6-page spread show the simple elegance of a garden wedding in the Garden State!

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  • David Sykes Fuels the Imagination!


    The photos below are right up there with some of the coolest we have seen from David Sykes! In this recent campaign for Esso which is running all over the UK, David has really done some wonderful work! Can’t wait to see what comes next! Be sure to check these out, and show them to your kids! They will love them.

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  • Mike Newling shoots for InStyle Australia!


    If you think Orlando Bloom is dreamy, check out his wife! Run, don’t walk to the magazine store to pick up Mike Newling’s latest shoot for InStyle Australia where he shot Miranda Kerr, Australian model and excited new mom. Mike captured Kerr’s fun personality as well as her beauty in these shots! Check it out:

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  • Ericka McConnell’s Shoot for Wati





    The pictures above are from Ericka’s latest shoot for Wati Designs, a clothing brand for girls. The way in which Ericka captured the light in these shots took our breath away! Bravo, Ericka!

  • FRANK HERHOLDT: Behind the Scenes at Brooks


    Check out a great behind the scenes video of Frank’s shoot with Brooks England, shot by Frank’s wife Helena. How cute is that fox? He’s going to be a star!

    Frank won Silver in the French competition, PX3 Prix de la Photographie Paris, in the Professional Advertising category for this campaign. Congratulations, Frank!



  • “Like” us on Facebook and follow us on Twitter!



    We recently created a Facebook Fan page for JMI! If you like what you read on our blog, love our amazing photographers or want to get more information about all things  JMI be sure to “like” us!

    Also, don’t forget to follow us on Twitter! @JMI_REPS.


  • Sue Parkhill’s Campaign for Sainsbury’s!


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    Sue Parkhill recently took some awesome photographs for an advertising campaign for Sainsbury’s supermarkets, a leading supermarket retailer in the UK! We love the versatile nature of these shots!


  • Lee Clower in The New York Times



    Pick up today’s paper and thumb through to the style section, quick!  Lee Clower shot some great photos in downtown NYC for “What I’m Wearing Now” in the Fashion & Style Section of the Times.

    These inspired shots not only got us thinking about doing some shopping but also reminded us that one of the best weekend getaways is right upstairs — on Tar Beach (the roof).





    Marcus Nilsson shot the cover of the July issue of Bon Appetit, on stands now. Perfect inspiration for a weekend barbecue!


  • Mikkel Vang shoots for the Westin



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    Mikkel Vang shot for the Westin Hotels.  He has shot for them before, but I think these images are some of my favorite…



  • MIKE NEWLING in Every Day with Rachael Ray


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    Mike Newling is in this month’s issue of Every Day with Rachael Ray!  The story is on the Fourth of July… which is quickly sneaking up on us!

    The images are amazing, so I wanted to be sure to include some of the outtakes as well!  Check it out on the newsstands now!

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  • MARCUS NILSSON big in Mexico!



    Marcus Nilsson was in Mexico for a personal project earlier this month.  They are huge fans of Mr. Nilsson over there!

    Here he is on the cover of Tomo – a weekend magazine there much like the NY Times.  They are featuring him in a story about his photography!

    This cover was shot when he was there earlier, the pages below were taken from his archive.

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  • Interview with Ericka McConnell


    untitled -

    Ericka McConnell was recently interviewed on popphoto.com

    A 'photographers on photography' blog.

    Check it out to see what makes her tick!

  • Lee Clower shoots Marilyn Tov Look Book for Autumn - Winter - 2012


    untitled - untitled - untitled - untitled -

    untitled -

    Lee Clower recently shot the Look Book for Marilyn Tov's Children's line.

    Here are just a few samples.  Check out Lee's site on jm-jr!

  • JMI welcomes our newest addition: photographer LUCY SCHAEFFER!


    JMI has added a new photographer to our roster!  Welcome Lucy Schaeffer!

    Lucy shoots everything from food, to children, to travel, to lifestyle!  To introduce her properly, we have included images from three of her latest books below!

    untitled -

    untitled -

    untitled -

    untitled - You Can Trust a Skinny Cook by Allison Fishman

    Emphasis on enjoying healthy food instead of dieting.  Among Fishman's "10 commandments for your best body" are "never go hungry," "snack between meals," "fill half your plate with vegetables," "enjoy what you eat.  If  you dont lie it, dont put it in your mouth."

    untitled -

    untitled -

    untitled -

    Simply Done, Well Done by Aaron McCargo, Jr.

    The first cookbook from Food Network star Aaron McCargo, now starring in his own Food Network show, Big Daddy's House, McCargo shares his passion for big, bold flavors and fun family cooking.

    untitled -

    untitled - 100 Perfect Pairings: Main Dishes to Enjoy with Wines you Love by Jill Silverman Hough

    The second in a series, first on was 100 Perfect Pairings: Small Plates - also shot by Lucy!

    Check her out on our site just updated!



    untitled - untitled - untitled - untitled - untitled -

    untitled - Pick up the latest Bon Appetit on news stands now... flip to the last feature and prepare to for a serious craving for shrimp.

    Marcus Nilsson's latest shoot with Bon Appetit is out and it's perfect weather for it.  As always he doesn't disappoint, the story is beautiful!

    Check out his site for more!

  • TOM WATSON shoots with McGarryBowen


    untitled -

    untitled - Tom Watson's latest ads for Oscar Mayer are out and in magazines nationwide!

    He was recently in NYC location scouting and prepping for this shoot with Chicago agency McGarryBowen!

    Every now and again you get to work with a client that really loves what they are doing, and enjoys photography.  It always makes the process more enjoyable for everyone, and somehow.... the outcome better.  Susan Cartland, agency art buyer, loved Tom's work, but was sold when she saw his personal work on his site, especially images shot of his daughter Maya.  Hard not to... they're beautiful.



    untitled - Lee Clower in the latest Vanity Fair!



    untitled - untitled - Lee Clower has been working with Mark McNairy on a campaign for his upcoming kids line!

    Here is just a sneak peek - more to come when the campaign launches!



    untitled - While we were going through Lucy's archive of Eat. Play. Love. - we found some great images and pulled together this collage.

    Check her work out on jm-jr!



    untitled - untitled - untitled - untitled -

    untitled - Our most recent addition, Morten Smidt, has done amazing things in motion and with water!

    I've included some of my favorite shots he has done for Asics above, see his site for a wider range!  Next up I'll be posting his landscapes, which are my personal favorite, so stay tuned!



    untitled - untitled -

    untitled - Hugh Hartshorne continues his LensCrafter Campaign.  The ads are running nationwide in magazines, stores, and on the web.  I have included a few of my favorites!  Hugh's unique portraits have been a perfect fit, check out even more of his work on our site!

  • More James Beard Awards!


    untitled - untitled - untitled - untitled - untitled -

    untitled - Lucy Schaeffer's cookbook, "Pig: King of the Southern Table", won a James Beard award this weekend as well!

    JMI was all over the award ceremony!



    untitled - untitled - untitled - untitled -

    untitled - JMI has recently taken on photographer Morten Smidt as our latest addition!

    At one point Morten assisted the late Richard Avedon, and is currently very busy shooting portraits and places!

    We're excited!  He has a great eye and is an absolute riot to work with!  Check him out!



    untitled -

    untitled - Phaidon's NOMA cookbook won two James Beard Awards, both in "Cooking From a Professional Point of View" and "Photography and Food Styling" categories!  The amazing photography and styling in this book keeps getting more and more awards.

    Check out a few award links and Christine's site!



    untitled -

    untitled -

    Lee Clower recently shot Pamela Love, the jewelry designer for 'What I'm Wearing Now' in the Fashion and Style section of the New York Times.

    See our site for some more great portraits by Lee!

  • HUGH STEWART feature and contributor page in InStyle


    untitled - untitled -

    untitled -

    Hugh Stewart has a great feature out in this month's InStyle.  Featuring three famous men and their moms.  Hugh shot the story in both NYC and LA.  He was also featured on the Contributor Page.  Check him out!

    untitled -

  • MIKKEL VANG shoots PARIS for GQ


    untitled - untitled - untitled - untitled - untitled -

    untitled - Mikkel Vang's latest feature in GQ is out now!  It makes me want to go to Paris and eat and shop and... move there.

    Check out the story to see the amazing range he's able capture!

  • MARCUS NILSSON'S latest feature about SPAIN in DEPARTURES


    untitled - untitled - untitled - untitled - untitled - untitled -

    Globe trotting Marcus Nilsson has been busy traveling to some amazing places for jobs lately!  See the above Alicante story.  He enjoyed a few days in Spain as well as being sent to Mexico, Morocco, and Italy.  It's a rough life being a talented and popular food photographer!

    Check out his site, soon to have a fully updated and new personal site.  Stay tuned!

  • Lajos Geenen Shoots ARO


    untitled - untitled - untitled - untitled -

    untitled - Lajos Geenen recently shot ARO the architectural firm.  He did a beautiful job and all were thrilled with the outcome!

    Check out his site for some more of his latest images!

  • Mikkel Vang's latest DELTA ads


    untitled - untitled - untitled - untitled - untitled -

    untitled - Mikkel Vang continues to shoot the Delta Airlines campaign.  Some of his latest images have been compiled into a video on their site.

    Check out some of Mikkel's latest food and still life work!

  • New work from Hugh Hartshorne!


    untitled - untitled - untitled -

    untitled - Hugh Hartshorne has been shooting a lot of new portraits lately!  Not only for ad jobs, but every chance he gets when he sees someone who inspires him.

    Check out these beautiful shots, he has this amazing way of getting real emotion out of people.  There are more on the site, so check it out!

  • MIKKEL VANG shoots KIKKI.K campaign


    untitled - untitled - untitled - untitled - untitled -

    untitled - Mikkel Vang shot the latest campaign for kikki.k stationary.  The image are absolutely breathtaking!

    If you haven't seen what he has been doing lately, please take a look!

  • Lee Clower shoots Fleece by Brooks Brothers


    untitled - untitled -

    Brooks Brothers have launched an upscale kids line - FLEECE.

    Take a look to see some of the latest Lee Clower images!



    untitled - As promised, here is the next Bon Appetit cover shot by Marcus Nilsson.

    He has a great feature inside as well so grab a copy while they are on news stands!

  • Marcus Nilsson's Bon Appetit Cover


    untitled -

    Marcus Nilsson's latest February Bon Appetit cover has hit the news stands!  It looks amazing... delicious... and very.... Marcus.  He has been extremely busy shooting covers lately - so keep your eyes peeled.  The March cover of Bon Appetit will have you drooling...



    untitled - Lee Clower recently shot Bespoken Presentation at Pier 59 last week.


  • AMY POSTLE shoots feature in this months FITNESS


    untitled - untitled -

    untitled - Check out Amy Postle's latest story in this month's Fitness Magazine on newsstands now!

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