• Off To Italy! Thanks, Marcus!


    This beautiful story shot by Marcus Nilsson the September travel issue of Food & Wine Magazine stopped us in our tracks. "From Villas to Vineyards" is so much more than your average food story showcasing five destinations in Italy that truly make you feel you're living la dolce vita. While most of us won't make it to these places anytime soon...we feel like we've been there and back from these images!












  • Lorry Newhouse shot by Lee Clower


    Check out the Style Spy page in the September 2012 issue of Town & Country below. Lee Clower shot Lorry Newhouse in her apartment in New York City for this one! Lorry looks absolutely stunning and don't you just love her dog?



  • Photo Phriday: Capturing THE Moment



    (image shot by Al Bello for Getty Images)

    The Olympics are powering on and, sadly, it's that point in the competition that one of our all around favorite events to watch is nearing its end. To celebrate and applaud all of those swimmers who spend countless hours in the pool training, we came across this really interesting article in The New York Times about swimming photographers.

    We certainly have seen countless images of Michael Phelps, Missy Franklin and all of the other competitors outside of the water. But how many times this week have you seen images that were captured mid-race, under water? Personally, we think those are the coolest ones! Al Bello, the Chief Sports Photographer with Getty Images has been capturing "the moment" at 8 Olympic games and various other sporting events throughout his career.

    The NYT article, "How Swimming Photographers Make Their Underwater Moment" tells the story of Bello and his crew and hw they get the perfect shot; something that is not easily accomplished. So we tip our "caps" to Al Bello and all of the photographers who take on all that goes into underwater shooting...we thought the olympians had it hard!

    Happy Friday!

  • The Story to Accompany the Cover by Mikkel Vang


    Happy Monday!

    We just got our hands on the story that accompanies that beautiful cover Mikkel Vang shot for Vogue Living Australia and wanted to share it! Hope you enjoy!










  • Photo Phriday: Officially Olympics Time!



    Today is the day! Set your DVR's or, even better...cancel your Friday night plans, grab some tissues and get ready for the Opening Ceremony of the Summer 2012 Olympics! It will be difficult to top the Bejing 2008 Opening Ceremony, but somehow they'll do it!

    Last week we posted the Hope Solo Seiko campaign shot by Morten Smidt as well as some Olympic party ideas from Every Day with Rachael Ray shot by Lucy Schaeffer. Today we have a special treat! David Sykes shot this outtake for Bloomberg Business Week.

    This was shot in the offices of Rio Tinto, the company that mines the metal for the Olympic medals! Believe it or not, those medals are the ACTUAL ones that will be given out to the athletes at the games! When we asked him what it was like, David shared that "they were extremely heavy since they are the biggest olympic medals ever made.". So crazy and exciting! We can't even imagine what it would be like to be in London right now, let alone have the opportunity to photograph the medals!

    Happy Friday!

  • Lee Clower on NYT Front Page!


    Well, not him...but his image! Congratulations Lee Clower for the placement of his awesome portrait of Timothy Greenfield-Sanders on the front page of NYtimes.com! Lee shoots regularly for The New York Times Style and Arts sections but this is the first time an image of his has been on the front page!


    An especially cool subject, Lee was really excited to shoot Greenfield-Sanders. The feature story in the Thursday Style section entitled "When Beauty Fades" reviews Greenfield-Sanders' latest documentary "About Face" which will debut on HBO on Monday night. Be sure to tune in! Congrats again Lee!


  • Seeing Double?


    Yesterday we featured Mikkel Vang's Vogue Living cover (see below) and today we are excited to present another cover shot by him! We love the "World's Best Awards" issue of Travel + Leisure and we're excited to see that Mikkel's image, shot on the Amalfi Coast graces this years cover!


  • Mikkel Vang's Cover for Vogue Living


    Mikkel Vang shot the two stories and the cover (see below) for the special edition of Vogue Living Australia. The "All-Australian Issue" of the magazine features the before and after images and tales of homes completely reinvigerated and redesigned. Mikkel shot this cover at a home in Melbourne for a story entitled "Paint it Black". Check it out!



  • Weekend Fun: Backyard Olympics!


    Happy Friday!

    Hard to believe it's already the middle of the summer and time for the heavily anticipated Summer Olympics in London! To get you and your friends psyched for the games, why don't you throw your own backyard olympics?

    Sure, it's not so nice out right now...but the weather is supposed to be sunny all weekend. Need some party planning tips? Lucy Schaeffer shot a great story for Every Day with Rachael Ray that not only features some festive recipes but also ideas for games and fun activities to get everyone in the olympic spirit! Take a look!





  • Real Simple Cover and Story by Marcus Nilsson


    Got 25 minutes? Great! The first 5 should be spent hunting down the August issue of Real Simple at your local magazine store or newsstand. The other 20 can be used to make these awesome meals that Marcus Nilsson so beautifully shot! You'll find the cover and story below but we highly suggest you get your hands on a copy of this issue....these are seriously delicious looking recipes.







  • Morten Smidt Shoots Hope Solo for Seiko Watches


    Are you getting pumped for the Olympics? Which sport are you looking forward to the most? We all have our favorites...Swimming? Gymnastics? Well for all you Soccer fans out there, this post is for you! Here is the latest ad campaign shot by Morten Smidt for Seiko Watches. Seiko recently signed the Women's USA Soccer goalie Hope Solo as their Brand Ambassador for their Sportura and Coutura Ladies' watches.

    Mort did a really awesome job with these images. It was such a cool experience being on set and we were able to snag some behind the scenes shots to share with you! See below for those images and check out the final ads!


    Morten shooting Hope for the first ad!




    One of the final ads!






    Final Product for Ad number 2!

    Everyone on set that day was really great, such a good vibe! We wish Hope and the rest of Team USA nothing but the best as they head to London! Bring home the gold!

  • Lucy Schaeffer Shoots June AND July Dash Covers


    Happy Monday everyone!

    Since it's just about lunch time, it only makes sense to share some awesome food shots from Lucy Schaeffer. Check out the June and July covers of Dash below! For those of you who are not familiar with Dash, it's an insert to Parade Magazine that features tips and recipes from Bon Appetit, Epicurious.com, Gourmet and Parade.



    We're on heat wave number 4 here in New York City....that Ice Cream Sammie looks pretty fabulous right now.

  • Photo Phriday: Underground New York Public Library


    Hope you've been enjoying the blog this week! The interview with Lee Clower is the kickoff for some of the awesome interviews and collaborative efforts we have planned this Summer here at jmireps.com! Be sure to stay tuned because there is a lot more where that came from!

    For this weeks Photo Phriday, we wanted to share another awesome blog that we came across and are super excited about! Underground New York Public Library captures images of New Yorkers reading on the subway and, much like Humans of New York, (another Photo Phriday featured blog...) it has the ability to captivate viewers for hours.

    What I love about UNYPL is that it captures the emotion, intensity and excitement that so many New Yorkers emote while reading on the subway. I love the fact that every day at noon Ourit Ben-Haim (photographer and genius behind the blog...) posts an "unsolved title" which he then enlists the help of his viewers to help figure out and/or decode! The response and guidance is amazing!

    But the ultimate reason I love UNYPL is that after every viewing, I "click away" with a bunch of new books that I've added to my "to read" list! Hope you enjoy it!

    Happy Weekend!

  • Lee Clower Takes the White House - Part II


     Here it is! The cover of Parenting Magazine (and story- see below!) shot by Lee Clower AND part II of the interview series! In part II we will get into the "nitty gritty" of the First Lady shoot exposing what Lee felt, experienced and did that day! Here goes, enjoy!



    JMI: We want to get a feel for your “day of shoot” routine…What was that morning like, before you actually got the shoot going?

    LC: Well, I’ll step back a second and say that upon arriving in DC the day before the shoot, I took my team and the camera and back up camera and other back up camera around the city to shoot and get in the mindset of being a patriotic American.  It was a really great experience for all of us and genuinely brought a feeling of unity to our team for the next day.

     On that particular morning, I was in an especially good mood as I walked to Starbucks in the rain to pick up my copy of The New York Times.  The rain could have really wrecked the entire shoot concept because we were planning to shoot on the South Lawn. But, I was in a good mood despite the rain because I had a backup plan that I was confident everyone would love. And they did!


    JMI: What was the backup plan?

    LC: Well, every kid loves a good picnic and is pretty bummed when the plans have to change so I figured it would be fun to just “go with the flow” and move the picnic inside. Everyone thought it was a great idea…so that’s what we went with.




    JMI: A rainy day picnic, awesome!  Was there music on set? Or was it everyone all abuzz that there was no need?

    LC:  No music on set, at all. But I did listen to Renee Fleming all morning in my hotel room. When prepping back in New York I listened to “The Boss” Bruce Springsteen 'cause that’s what seemed right….but Renee’s voice puts me in the right place every time.


    JMI: Whatever gets you in the zone! You told us at the end of our last interview that you weren’t nervous…. what were you feeling right before she arrived on set? Did the nerves kick in then?

    LC: Oddly enough, even with the best efforts of the Secret Service in play, nervous never entered into it for me. I think my enthusiasm was so great that there simply was no room for any other emotion. Even when the Secret Service treated her arrival like the Space Shuttle launch:

    “First Lady arriving in 15 minutes, 10 minutes, 5 minutes, 1 minute, 30 seconds, 5-4-3-2-1…..Everyone, the First Lady has arrived.”


    JMI: And there she was! Tell us about your first interaction with her!

    LC: Her presence was simply larger than life in person. The best part of our introduction was when I told her that the six kids that would be photographed with her were going to stay hidden around the corner until we called them out to meet her. I really wanted to capture all of the emotion that came along with the kids interacting with her for the first time.  She loved the plan and the kids, unwittingly perhaps, loved it too.  


    JMI: No stranger to cameras, how did you get the First Lady to act natural right off the bat? After all, you only had 30 minutes for two scenarios and had lots of shots to capture!  Time was of the essence….

    LC: She naturally fell into her “mom” role and just because the White House setting was so regal, we all felt a sense of elegance. It also sort of took care of itself because we photographed her with the kids first. So she was immediately tossed into the situation of interacting with them!


    JMI: Makes sense. She was interacting with the kids AND she was in her own home!

    The interactions she had with the kids seem truly genuine. Was it hard to balance directing the kids and getting them to do what you needed for the shot while still keeping full focus on Mrs. Obama?

    LC: One important element for me when shooting kids is I prefer to not have preconceived notions of what they should or shouldn’t do. In this case, since there were six of them in the shot, the most I could demand was that they do whatever they felt like doing within the frame. That was the tricky part!

    Also- it was really important to me that the shoot felt genuine, personal and real. I made a conscious effort to not spend too much time looking at the tech monitor/screen and really just focused on interacting with the First Lady and the kids. I wanted to have a good flow.



    JMI: What was the funniest thing said on set?

    LC: Ha, easy one. At one point there was an issue with one of the lights. I used my normal terminology on set and told my assistant to “kill” the backlight…

    Well as I said it, I realized the mistake and stuck my head out from behind the camera to find the Secret Service agent in charge starring hard and shaking his head at me…We [First Lady] looked at each other and laughed. For next time I know not to use the term “kill” with the First Lady in front of my camera. On second thought, I’ll probably strike it from the White House “approved vocabulary list”.


    JMI: We know the shoot was all about the First Lady but did she mention President Obama at all? The upcoming presidential race?

    LC: She did not mention him at all and I was aware not to either! When this job first came up, I had a few friends and colleagues mention how great it would be if the President was involved and included but [with all due respect] I never saw it that way. The honor of shooting Michelle Obama was not to be lessened by wanting something more or different.

    However, the President was in the building even though he was not scheduled to be! As we wrapped the shoot and started breaking down the significant set in the State Dining Room, we were advised that the man himself was just outside our door and we could not leave for at least an hour. In accepting our fate, we proceeded to run around the room to shoot outtakes of the crew in front of the gigantic windows, even more gigantic fireplace and paintings of Abraham Lincoln and Thomas Jefferson.

    After an hour we were told that President Obama had stepped away for five minutes but only a few of us could go through the main exit. So, my team of 3 and I would have to be escorted through the back way by Secret Service agents. The rest of this story could compromise national security so I will leave it at this...we ended up back at the South Lawn where we started the day!


    JMI: Since we know you are a HUGE dog lover, it seems the only way this day could have gotten better is if you had a run in with Bo (the First Dog) as well. Oh wait…you did!

    LC: My wish to meet Bo was granted if only accidentally! He was heading out for a walk and stopped in front of me for less than two seconds so I had time to either take his picture or pet him. I assume you can guess which one I chose!






    And there you have it, above is the finish product! Looks pretty great, doesn't it? Be sure to click the images above to go to the parenting.com site for the full interview as well as a video of Mrs. Obama!

    We want to thank everyone at Parenting Magazine once again for this amazing opportunity. And a huge shoutout/thank you to Lee Clower for being so open and awesome during this whole process! Be sure to pick up a copy of the August Issue of Parenting Magazine!

  • Amy Postle's Latest Cover



    Amy Postle shot this awesome summer cover for Parents Magazine for the August 2012 issue, on stands now! Be sure to go pick up a copy for some great summer parenting tips and to see more from the shoot!

  • Lee Clower Takes the White House- Part I


     “Might have an incredible project for you. Would you like to shoot Michelle Obama for our cover?  Shoot would be late April early May for our cover. Let me know your schedule.


    Lee’s response:

    “Wow! I would change anything in my world for that one! 

    Yes, in case the above is not clear.

    Keep me updated but any day in April or May will work.


    And just like that, the ball was rolling! Lee Clower was given the opportunity to shoot First Lady Michelle Obama for Parenting Magazine. To say that we all were excited is a serious understatement. As with any photo shoot, there were a lot of moving pieces and plenty that went into the months and days leading up to the shoot. After discussing with Lee, we decided that it would be great to share his insights, thoughts and experiences in a two part interview series.

    Part I of the series is a question/answer session with Lee prior to the shoot. Part II (to be released on 7/12) is based off an in-depth interview post-shoot with Lee himself! In order to capture the most genuine emotion and document all of the feelings, stories, experiences, and excitement we thought this was the best approach! Hope you enjoy!

    Before we get started, we want to thank Andrea Ferronato, Ana Connery and the entire Parenting Team for this opportunity. We also should give a shout out to Mrs. Obama herself for being exactly what we hoped on set and more! And finally, we at JMI want to thank Lee Clower for his enthusiasm and willingness to share his insights, ideas, secrets and feelings about all things having to do with the shoot.  Without further ado, here we go:


    State Dining Room teaser

    JMI: What was the first thing you felt when you were asked by Parenting to shoot the First Lady?

    LC: This is my favorite thing I’ve ever been offered. I will make this happen! The second thing was I made it my mission to get my hands on anything and everything the President and First Lady have written. “Dreams From My Father” and “In Her Own Words” make both seem so likable and real.


    JMI: You had some creative calls and discussions with the editors making this quite the collaborative effort. Tell us about that aspect of the process.

    LC: Honestly, everyone involved was so psyched about the project that we had more ideas and creative energy flowing than I’ve experienced on any other project. Working with Mrs. Obama’s focus on health became the catalyst for our direction. But, finding activities that, as the photographer, I felt would get good shots in the short time allowed was the most challenging.


    JMI:  As a good ‘ole American Southern Boy, do you feel like the preparation for this shoot is making you more patriotic?

    LC: I like this question and the label certainly applies. I am so excited to visit The White House and experience all of its history. Not as a tourist, but rather as someone actually contributing to and interacting with the most respected woman in the country. It just brings forth such wonderful visions of the America we lose sight of so often. I’m going to get a hot dog right now.


    JMI: (sidenote) Speaking of hot dogs….Two words: America. Food. What do you think of?

    LC: Good one! With no hesitation I am instantly reminded of my first Atlanta Braves baseball game with my father & the boiled peanuts they sold at the stadium in those days. They played the NY Mets and I attach some significance to that for ending up in NYC.


    JMI: Alright, back to the shoot!…When asked to describe herself, Michelle Obama “doesn’t hesitate to say first and foremost, she is Malia and Sasha’s mom.”

    This seems pretty important considering the shoot is for Parenting Magazine. How are you going to approach capturing the many hats she wears? (Including: First Lady, Mom…etc?)

    LC: I love her position as Mom first; that alone exudes excellence to me. In my mind, I plan to balance the shoot with her as more First Lady on the cover and “Mom” on the inside shots. I think I accidentally happened upon a metaphor there…


    JMI: Surely you are going to be able to ask more than two but if you could only ask the First Lady two things, what would they be?

    LC: I have a few that I would love to ask that I’m pretty sure the secret service would have me taken out for (President and national security related) so I would refrain from those. 

    But otherwise, I know that we will talk and interact in a manner that will produce the best possible images. I think it’s this approach that keeps me comfortable in scenarios such as this one and why I don’t feel the least bit nervous.



    Lee Clower in State Dining Room

    Not nervous, huh? Yeah, he looks pretty collected..we would expect nothing less! (see above) Check back on Thursday for our second interview with Lee post-shoot to see if the nerves kick in and all the exciting things that happen!

    Also, be sure to pick up the copy of Parenting magazine on stands now!

  • Grand Optical Update!


    Hope you all had a fantastic July 4th/weekend! Sorry we fell off the map a bit with our posting but we are back in business with a ton of exciting stuff this week! So get ready for lots of great posts!

    We are going to kick it off with a shot of the facade of a Grand Optical store in Paris featuring an entire campaign shot by Tom Watson! We shared a different campaign a couple of weeks ago (see here) and since then Tom has been super busy shooting for them! We think it looks so great in real time that instead of just showing the images, we wanted to share a candid shot by Tom himself over in Paris! Check out the ads below!



  • Lee Clower for Town & Country


    Here is the latest from Lee Clower for Town & Country magazine! Lee shot these mature mini's in the Mondo Cane Gallery for the Out and About feature section of this months issue.



  • Mikkel Vang's "Great Escape"







    We are excited to present the latest editorial work shot by Mikkel Vang. The pictures really speak for themselves (hence the reason we decided to put them first...) in the July-August 2012 issue of Veranda Magazine, on stands now!

    Travelling to the French Countryside, Mikkel had the opportunity to shoot interior designer Kathryn Ireland at her farmhouse north of Toulouse. It's safe to say that we really wish we could jump right into these pictures and spend sometime with her and her family at home. Seems incredible!

    "I prepare dishs from whatever shows up in the garden -- endless nicoise salads, gazpacho, great quiches, onion tarts, pizza." -- yup, take us there now please!

  • Photo Phriday: Weekend Activity Alert!


    Looking for something to do this weekend? The inaugural Photoville in Brooklyn Bridge Park starts today!  Creating a "photography destination like no other", Photoville features lectures, exhibitions, workshops, a "photo dog run", beer garden, food trucks and beyond! What more could a photography enthusiast want?

    Brought to you by United Photo Industries (as well as a ton of other sponsors including PDN, Center of Alternative Photography, Lucie Foundation, Adorama....the list goes on and on!) the goal of UPI and Photoville is to:

    "promote and showcase emerging photographers through curated exhibitions around the world. Working in partnership with local galleries and key media partners, we concentrate on producing site-specific exhibitions that explore new thematic directions in photography. Drawing upon our international network of curatorial partners, we are able to provide unique exhibition opportunities for emerging photographers and facilitate their entry into foreign art markets."

    The best of all, it's all free! Of course, you have to pay for the beer your drink and the food you consume but the access to the galleries, exhibits, workshops, The Greenhouse will only cost you the $5.00 for the metrocard fare there and back! Some of you may be lucky enough to walk....in which case, absolutely no excuse to not check out this awesome event!

    Let us know what you think if you go!

  • Hugh Hartshorne Shoots Australian "Fresh Start" Campaign


    Take a look at these inspiring ads shot by Hugh Hartshorne for the Government of South Australia "Fresh Start" initiative. The ads portray real people taking advantage of a new program created by the South Australian government. Hugh captured some very beautiful and real portraits! Click the images below to see more of Hugh's amazing portrait work!




  • Marcus Nilsson is "Grillin' Bold"


    We all know the Bush's Baked Beans commercial with the hilarious and spunky talking golden retriever "Duke". Generally, he's offering to sell the coveted "family secret recipe" and he and his owner (company spokesman) Jay Bush get into some discussion about the family recipe tradition. Seen it?

    While they are busy protecting the family recipe, Marcus Nilsson was busy gettin' bold with the Bush's Grillin' Beans! Thumb through any food magazine and you'll see the ads shot by Marcus! "Mouthwatering" indeed. We've been inspired to go pick up a can and have some grillin' beans for dinner to celebrate this first day of summer!

    How are you celebrating the first official day of summer? Share with us and we will send you an awesome fan to keep you cool at your next BBQ!



  • Tom Watson For Grand Optical


    Tom Watson shot some great ads for Grand Optical that are currently running all throughout Europe! We're really excited to share a selection of them below! Look out for more to come!




  • The Next Great Baker shot for Brides Magazine


    Check out the latest shoot by Marcus Nilsson for Brides Magazine! The Next Great Baker winner Marissa Lopez was featured in this months issue and it's no wonder why! They look absolutely delicious.



  • Photo Phriday: Le Book CONNECTIONS!


    A huge thank you to everyone who stopped by the JMI booth at Le Book this week! We loved seeing familiar faces and introducing our work to new friends. And we're so glad everyone loved the cake pops...we definitely enjoyed them ourselves!


    Can't wait to see you all at Connections in L.A.!

  • Tomorrow is the Day!



    The books and all of our JMI swag just got picked up from the office, and you know what that means! It's finally here!!

    Tomorrow kicks off day one of LeBook Connections New York. From 11:30AM-8:30PM we will be showing all of the great work of the JMI photographers and stylist and will have awesome giveaways! Not to mention, delicious cake pops...be sure to come stop by the booth!!

    Haven't registered? No problem....click here

    Hope to see you tomorrow and/or Thursday!

  • Diamond Jelly Jubilee!


    In honor of the Queen's Diamond Jubilee, David Sykes discovered this hilarious jelly mold and wondered what better way to celebrate the Queen than to photograph his finding?


    As David wrote on his blog: "I found this jelly mould by Lydia Leith and knew I wanted to do a test shot with it unfortunately I have been so busy I didn’t manage to do it before the jubilee so to wet your appetite I created this more simple shot for the jubilee weekend." 

    Certainly did wet our appetite! Can't wait to see what the shot looks like!

    Happy Monday and to everyone celebrating the Queen, we hope you are enjoying yourself!

  • Photo Phriday: Presenting Rita Thompson


    Happy Friday!

    It's a gorgeous day out there and we have a very special announcement: childrens' photographer Rita Thompson has joined the JMI family! We are thrilled to have her join the roster!



    Here is a little bio to fill you in on all things Rita!

    Rita graduated from Pratt Institute with a BFA in Communications Design. She spent the next 15 years as an art director for advertising agencies in New York City, Jackson Hole, Portland, Austin and Dallas. After years in the business, she realized her real place was behind the lens.

    Her art direction background allows her to create gracefully composed images that are intuitively expressive and makes working collaboratively and conceptually natural for her. Rita lives in the city that inspires her the most, New York, with her husband and two kids.

    We are excited to premier Rita's brand new portfolio at New York LeBook Connections next week! Hope to see you there!

    Raise a glass and help us welcome Rita!



  • Photo Phriday: Connect at NY LeBook


    Happy Friday!

    Hard to believe it's already the end of May! We certainly are not sad to say goodbye to our winter coats and boots and whip out the white pants and summer dresses! It's time for summer people!

    And since summer is here, it also means LeBook NY Connections is coming up! We are really excited to announce that JMI will once again be participating in LeBook this year! For those of you who don't know about LeBook or the Connections event, here is the low down (courtesy of www.lebook.com):

    LeBook is the world's first and only trade publication for the Beauty, Design, Entertainment, Publishing, Advertising and Fashion industries. It's become an esssential communication tool for advertising agencies, press and fashion brands! In 2005 LeBook launched CONNECTIONS, a custom-made tradeshow for the creative community. At CONNECTIONS, an international network of creative talent and decision-makers gather under the LeBook lable to form a new, living, breathing pulse of what's going on in the world of trendsetting image-making.

    Will you be attending LeBook?! We hope so! Be sure to come say hello if you're there! The event is by registration only so please register here

    Hope you have a great holiday weekend!


  • 50 Portraits by Hugh Stewart: The Exhibition


    We are excited to announce another exhibition of Hugh Stewart's work in Sydney! To celebrate the arrival of Canon Professional Services, Sun Studios Australia is hosting a bunch of events, including an exhibition of 50 of Hugh Stewart's Portraits! See below for more information!




  • Traditional Home Cover and Story Shot by James Merrell


    James Merrell has done it again! Earlier this year he ventured to the elegant and regal countryside of Wales and the cover and feature story at the home of Austrian Countess Elisabeth Eltz and her designer husband Mark Gillette. It's no surprise that James was shot the cover for the "Best of Britain" issue of Traditional Home! The house is characterized as, "effortlessly elegant" which is beautifully captured in James' images, if we do say so.

    Take a peek below to see the cover as well as the article!








  • Mikkel Vang for Elle Decor


    Mikkel Vang's latest story for Elle Decor has all the makings for an afternoon of lounging: a sunny field and more outdoor chair options than any back yard could need! With the long weekend coming up, we hope you're planning some time to sit back, relax, and flip through Mikkel's beautiful story in this month's issue!

     -  -  -  -  -

  • Kids in the Summer Sun!


    Well, it's Friday and GORGEOUS out. Weather for the weekend is looking pretty good according to our sources...are you gonna do something outdoors? If so, you should check out the article in the June issue of Parents Magazine all about safeguarding kids from harsh summer sun! Amy Postle headed down to Miami to shoot for Parents and had a blast doing so! Adorable shots and an informative article all in one! Check out the article to learn a thing or two about protecting your childs precious skin!

    Be sure to lather up and enjoy the weekend!

     -  -  -

  • XOJane Makeunder Team Strikes Again!


    Lee Clower and the Makeunder team at XOjane.com have taken on their latest subject and she is just as well madeunder as Sammi Sweetheart!

    TV talkshow personality Wendy Williams agreed to participate in a "makeunder" of epic proportion! Wendy and her regular hair and makeup crew were quite skeptical of the makeunder team and what it all meant claiming that what makeunder means to XOJane is vastly different than what it meant to them. Ultimately surrendering to the team, everyone got down to business. Here is one of the "madeunder" shots:



    Wendy stepped out of her comfort zone and into some comfy clothes and opened up to the XOJane team. After seeing her "madeunder" and learning some interesting new facts and quirky insights (ex: that regular Tobasco sauce is not "hot" enough for her so she keeps a special bottle with her) we gained a serious new affinity for the "big hair" star.

  • Marcus Nilsson's Latest Cover: Berries!


    It seems like Mother Nature and Father Time decided to skip spring and go straight to summer this year. And we're not complaining, especially after seeing Marcus Nilsson's cover story for the June issue of Martha Stewart Living. Nothing kicks off summer like fresh-picked berries! (Or fresh-bought from the local green market for us city-dwellers.) Marcus Nilsson traveled up to Martha Stewart's estate to photograph her beautiful garden full of seasonal fruit, and the treats you can make with them. That chiffon cake with strawberries and cream looks perfect for a Memorial Day BBQ! 


     -  -  -  -  -

  • Photo Phriday: Homage To The Great....


    And he sailed off through night and day

    and in and out of weeks

    and almost over a year

    to where the wild things are.

    For this weeks Photo Phriday, we found it necessary to honor the genius that is Maurice Sendak. Saddened by the news of his passing earlier this week, much of the world spent time reflecting upon and recalling memories of reading his beautiful (sometimes considered controversial) storybooks. Most of us know him for Where the Wild Things Are but he had an extensive portfolio of work beyond that including a book published last year.

    If you aren't familiar with his work, clicking through these slideshows which include portraits, illustrations and images representing Sendak's life will help you see the true visionary that he was. Slideshows (linked below) courtesy of The Guardian and Talking Points Memo.

    Maurice Sendak: A Life In Pictures

    Maurice Sendak: 1928-2012: Beloved Childrens Author Dies at Age 83

    While it isn't the happiest Photo Phriday, we hope you have a great weekend and a very Happy Mother's Day!

  • What To Make For Mom?


    The cliche is to serve your mom breakfast in bed for Mother's Day. Breakout from the "norm" and do something really special for Mom! Forget the eggs and bacon and take the recipes from the Bon Appetit Test Kitchen and their adorable "Mother's Day Tea" brunch feature! She will absolutely love these creative and cute springtime recipes shot by Marcus Nilsson.


     -  -  -  -

    Happy Mother's Day!

  • PDN Photo Annual 2012: Frank Herholdt Wins!


    The PDN Photo Annual 2012 winners have been announced and this year's Photo Annual issue is now avaliable! We wanted to wish a huge congratulations to Frank Herholdt who won the Stock Photography award for his image "Gymnast In the Forest". Shot in a forest outside of Cape Town South Africa, Frank played the role of both photographer and art director.


    Frank says that he was inspired by early morning exersise for this particular shot and was excited to share that the model was a "genuine gymnast" that a local production company found. Frank also shared that the shoot took only a few hours because he had spent time at the location the day before checking the light, timing of the sun and rigging the ropes.

    Congratulations Frank on this award!

     - Shot Taken from PDN Photo Annual 2012 Issue.

  • Photo Phriday: The Instagram Debate


    Happy Friday!


    Yesterday at a food shoot for one of our photographers, as soon as she got the last shot, the digital tech jumped up out of his seat and said, "those are awesome, I gotta get that on Instagram!"

    There's no doubt that you've heard about the free app that allows one to alter images (coloring, borders, add filters) and share with various social networks at the tap of a finger! We've all heard about the astronomical amount of money Facebook paid to acquire Instagram, ($1 Billion) a company that has zero revenue. It's all the rage these days and I'm totally guilty of being an Instagram user (and lover...)

    So what's all the hype about? How does the development of apps such as Instagram and Hipstamatic make "everyone is a photographer"? And most importantly, what does it mean for the photography industry? (more after jump)


    You can find LOADS of information (and we mean loads... from essays to articles) on the "Instagram debate" but we came across one particular blog post that we found to outline the positives and negatives written by the chairman and co-founder of PhotoShelter, Allen Murabayashi. Take a look here: Why Instagram Is Terrible for Photographers, And Why You Should Use It

    Where do you weigh in on the issue? Go ahead, when you're out tonight at happy hour or at the dinner party this weekend, ask people what they think and report back!

    Enjoy the weekend!

  • Detroit Rock City


    And by "rock" we mean "deliciously rockin' food"! Food & Wine recently comissioned Marcus Nilsson to take a trip to the Motor City to see what it's food scene had to offer. Check out what he found!

     -  -  -  -  -

    We know Detroit is about music and cars, but it might be time to coin another nickname that portrays it's all-American culinary offerings!

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