• Marcus Nilsson's BLACK INK Cover Story!!


    'Tis the season for cocktail parties... but if you're a person who prefers to have your wine and drink it too, this may leave you at a particularly difficult crossroads.

    ...Unless, of course, you've picked up the latest issue of Black Ink.

    In the magazine's Fall/Winter issue, the cover story, photographed by Marcus Nilsson, addresses the return of the "Wine Cocktail": a brilliant marriage of liquor, wine, and a number of other particularly thirst-quenching ingredients. 

    So whether you're partial to pinot or gin, Black Ink has you covered.

    Check out Marcus' stellar drink shots below, and for more from the photographer, be sure to check out the JMI site at www.jmireps.com!


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     -  -

  • Marcus Nilsson Seals the Deal with Bon Appetit!


    Marcus Nilsson's latest spread in Bon Appetit certainly gets our "Seal of Approval."

    The photographer's aesthetically flawless food shots accompany a story in the magazine's latest issue that tackles "the 25 products you shouldn't cook (or drink, or snack, or bake) without."

    Check out Marcus' images (together with Bon App's food frontrunners) below, and for more from Mr. Nilsson, visit his portfolio at: www.jmireps.com!




  • Lee Clower for Macys!!


    Just when we thought he couldn't get any better, JMI Photographer Lee Clower 'wowed' us with these amazing new pictures for MACY'S!

    Below, Lee's playful kids' fashion shots (as well as a few behind-the-scenes images) are just the thing to get you in the holiday spirit!

    Take a look at Lee's shots, below, and if you want more from the photographer - be sure to visit the JMI site!












  • Lee Clower's Cover Story for Baby & Me!


    if you don't know Lee Clower's name by now, it's about time you learned it!

    The talented photographer has spent the year shooting ad campaigns and editorial spreads, alike... adding a number of polished pieces to his already memorable portfolio.

    Here: one of the latest additions to Clower's creative repetoire.

    Shot for the holiday issue of Baby & Me, London's premiere children's fashion editorial, Lee's photographs prove to be as debonair as the audience to which the magazine caters.

    To view the full story, click here, and more of Lee's stunning shots, be sure to visit the JMI site!!







  • Fool-Proof Your Thanksgiving Meal with MSL and Marcus Nilsson!


    With Thanksgiving just two short days away, so begins the scramble to create the perfect holiday feast. So whether you're whipping up the whole meal yourself, or simply tasked with basting the bird, these kitchen tips from the November issue of Martha Stewart Living prove a necessary set of Thanksgiving Cliff Notes.

    Photographed by Marcus Nilsson, the "Thanksgiving Edition" of the mag's monthly Kitchen Wisdom column incorporates everything there is to know about creating those picture-perfect (pun intended) Thanksgiving staples.

    Pick up the latest issue for the full story, and for more of Marcus' drool-worthy food photography, visit the JMI site!





  • Tom Watson: REDBOOK December Fashion Feature!


    In the latest issue of REDBOOK, out now, superstar fashion photographer Tom Watson captured these stunning shots for the mag's special holiday fashion feature!

    Photographed at The Jane in NYC and titled "Cocktail Dressing (Drinks Included)," the seasonal story packs a one-two punch for holiday get-togethers: outlining the "dos" and "donts" of the ever-popular holiday cocktail party (with respect to both dress AND drinks).

    Check out the story, featuring Tom's breathtaking photographs, below - and for more from the JMI photographer, visit our site!






  • James Merrell's Beautiful New Interiors!


    James Merrell photographed these stunning interiors as part of the latest advertising campaign for Farrow & Ball paint company!

    Born in England, the company crafts custom paints that are usable on all walls and flooring, as seen in the shots below.

    This is certainly not the first time James has "wowed" us with his Farrow and Ball photographs. To check out more of his work with the company, or to view his entire portfolio, be sure to visit the JMI site!



  • Amy Postle Shoots Two Stories for Parents Mag!


    If you haven't picked up the latest copy of Parents yet -- we suggest you do!

    In the December issue, out now, the family publication features not one, but TWO, stories shot by our very own Amy Postle!

    The first article is a technology-focused piece, appearing in the form of an at-home quiz and exposing the extent to which the current generation of kids is "plugged-in". The second story, which appears later on in the mag, showcases a new-to-the-market, kid-approved play camper -- perfect for the quickly-approaching giving season.

    Check out the full articles below, and for more of Amy's kids' work, be sure to visit the JMI site!


    "Digital Kids"







    "Kids' Camper"


  • Marcus Nilsson's MSL Cover!


    It's mid-November, and we're now two weeks shy of every foodie's favorite holiday.

    So, with Turkey Day right around the corner, it's officially time to start the Thanksgiving preparations.

    Our suggestion? Let the latest issue of Martha Stewart Living help. In the November issue, on stands now and boasting a cover shot by our very own Marcus Nilsson, the mag offers a number of different tasty mains & sides, as well as helpful cooking tips and tricks for the quickly-approaching holiday.

    Check out Marcus' particularly tasty-looking cover below, and for more from the JMI photographer, be sure to visit the site!


  • Tom Watson Photographs NBA star, Russell Westbrook, for GQ!


    You know Russell Westbrook (three-time all-star point guard for OKC Thunder) is a force to be reckoned with on the court... but did you know that the NBA baller is also considered influential in the fashion world?

    In the November issue of GQ France, JMI photographer Tom Watson shot the 24-year-old basketball phenomenon as part of the mag's latest fashion feature. Known for his trendy press conference getups (not to mention, his front-row seat beside Vogue magazine's Editor-In-Chief, Anna Wintour, at this year's New York Fashion Week). Westbrook undoubtedly knows how to make a fashionable entrance.

    Check out Tom's shots of Westbrook in all of his chic, ball-playing glory, below - and for more from the JMI photographer, click the link above!





  • Happy Halloween!


    Happy Halloween!!

    In light of today's holiday - and all of the spooky festivities that come with it - here's a treat from our very own Lucy Schaeffer:

    Appearing in the latest issue of Martha Stewart Living, Lucy shot this Halloween-themed advertorial for Avery labels, featuring fun do-it-yourself entertaining ideas for this festive October holiday.

    Check out the playful Halloween-inspired crafts below, and for more fun food & kids photography from Lucy, be sure to visit the JMI site!



  • Lee Clower for Town & Country!


    If you haven't picked up the October issue of Town & Country yet - it's about time you did!

    In it, shots by Lee Clower appear alongside the October '13 "Style Spy," wherein Town & Country fashion writer Darrell Hartman gets fitted for a custom-made Dior Homme suit. 

    Check out Lee's fashionable images below, and for more from the photographer, visit the JMI site !



  • Marcus Nilsson - Thanksgiving Made Easy


    It may still be October, but these images by Marcus Nilsson have us daydreaming about Thanksgiving!!

    Shot for the latest Real Simple mag, and appropriately titled "Real Simple Thanksgiving," the latest issue offers up a number of simple alternative cooking methods that are sure to take the stress out of every foodie's favorite holiday.

    Check out Marcus' mouthwatering images below, and for more from the JMI photographer, be sure to visit our site!






  • At Last: Sue Parkhill's Sony Ad Campaign Series!


    Sue Parkhill does it again!

    The JMI photographer snapped these breathtaking shots as part of the latest ad campaign for Sony's Xperia Z1 smartphone, out now!

    Check out Sue's ads below, and for more of the photographer's advertising work - be sure to visit the JMI site!





  • Lee Clower for Club Monaco!


    Lee Clower recently snapped these stunning shots of model-turned-jewelry-designer Michelle Campbell for Club Monaco.

    Clower flawlessly captured the below portraits of Campbell, the New York-based jewelry "maker," for an article on the jeweler's budding career in the "Makers and Muses" section of Club Monaco's site.

    Click here to read the full article and for more of Lee's fashion potraiture, click on any of the images below!

     - "




    Jessica Todd Harper isn't simply a photographer; she's a storyteller.

    In her portraits, Harper aims not for compositional perfection, but rather: organic imperfection. The excellence of her photography lies in its ability to render those sincere moments-between-moments that occur within the domestic sphere of familial interaction. A risky approach for the conservative photographer, this is an artistic method that not only works for Harper, but also allows for a refreshing and unpretentious presentation of humanity.

    Flipping through Jessica's portfolio, her collegiate background in Art History becomes immediately evident. With a palette reminiscent of Renoir and a composition comparable to the likes of Cassatt, the photographer displays a fascination with natural light in her work that only further fuels the emotional interaction between her photographs' subjects. Utilizing pure daylight to guide the viewer's eyes throughout the picture plane, Harper continues to deepen her work's psychosomatic complexity - turning seemingly ordinary moments into breathtaking glances into the intricacy of human intimacy.

    Spontaneous and sincere, Harper's photographs allow for an unrivaled depiction of the pure, beautiful honesty that ignites human interaction. A New York Photo Festival 2008 award winner, a 2008 Lucie award winner, a 2009 recipient of a PA Council for the Arts grant, and named one of PDN's "30 Emerging Photographers to Watch," Jessica took a few moments out of her busy week to chat with JMI's Jennifer about her noteworthy (and highly-decorated) photographic career.


    JMI Reps: How did you first get started as a photographer?

    Jessica Todd Harper: I was taking a figure drawing class during the summer when I was 15. It was at a local college. They offered painting, too, and I had signed up for that as well, but instead - through some accident - I was put in the photography class. I didn't even know how to use the shutter button! I was a complete novice.

    JMI: Your collegiate background includes the study of eminent painters... How would you say this has shaped your photographic style?

    JH: I looked at a lot of Northern European painting in college, and I learned a great deal from that genre about what environments can say about the people depicted in them.

    JMI: Would you say that your work has evolved at all since you first started out in the business?

    JH: Well, one always hopes one has progressed. When I look at my younger work, it feels a little less sophisticated; but that's o.k... I'm pretty sure I was a little less sophisticated back then.

    JMI: Your portraits are celebrated for their candid, real portrayals of humanity. Is this capture something that comes naturally, or is it calculated on your part?

    JH: Ha! I would love to claim either or both - that I calculate everything meticulously, and/or that I'm naturally just brilliant. I think that, while I do plan, and there is also just a "style" that one has, there is also a lot of luck and hard work involved. I spend a lot of time looking at other people's art, and all of that gets internalized; those paintings and images have their influences in the work I make later. Also, most of the pictures I make I don't end up liking very much... that doesn't mean that they are a waste though; it is all a grist for the mill.

    JMI: What is it about your work that you think resonates so strongly with people?

    JH: Well, I think sometimes art can describe something we can't put words to, and that feels very satisfying when we see it. The writer Alain de Botton likes to say that I bring "glamour" to the everyday; not in a celebrity way, but by making seem special the things we don't necessarily notice anymore. Sometimes I can make this happen for someone else, and that is wonderful!


    JMI: From where do you draw your creative inspiration?

    JH: Watching people and how they move in the space around them.

    JMI: Do you have an all-time favorite person, place, or object to photograph?

    JH: I have found inspiration in my sister Becky ever since she was 8 and I was 15.

    JMI: Are there any other photographers, or arists in general, past or present, who influence your work?

    JH: Andrew Wyeth, Vermeer, John Singer Sargent, Arnold Newman, Sally Mann... just to name a few!

    JMI: Have you ever found yourself struggling with anything particular in your work?

    JH: All the time! The trick is not to worry too much about failure. You have to "shoot on goal," so to speak. If you don't try you will definitely not get the light/emotion/whatever.

    JMI: Your photos are frequently recognized for their almost ethereal use of natural light. What is it about natural light to which you're partial? Do you find that it lends itself to the composition of a photograph better than, say, artificial light?

    JH: I don't really know how to answer this. Perhaps it is just something I respond to on a very basic level; sunlight effects us on so many levels, biologically and spiritually. Sunlight isn't always "better" per se, but it does create a certain mood that can feel very real and intimate for certain subjects.

    JMI: People are frequently analyzing your work, and many argue that there exists a deeper contextual layer to it... Do you aim to instill a deeper analytical element into your photography?

    JH: This is hard to know. I do not try to overthink my pictures, because then they can lose their veracity.... but at the same time, they are reflective and careful pictures. While I mostly seek to make pictures intuitively, I also try very hard not to be sloppy. Imagery - just like words - means something, and just as I would not pepper my language with a lot of expletives to make sure you hear me, I wouldn't toss a lot of symbolism into a picture just to make sure you pay attention.

    JMI: Which photograph in your portfolio is your personal favorite?

    JH: That changes all the time! I do like the one with the two men sitting across from each other and the children all over the frame (inset below)... It just was so hard to get all of that in one frame! (No Photoshop). And I love that house...it is in a community...in Philadelphia that seeks to restore their historic neighborhood, and I admire that.


    JMI: Alright, last one! If you had to pick ONE goal to set for yourself (creatively speaking) for the coming year (2014), what would it be?

    JH: My 5-year-old son recently said that he knows when a book is beautiful because he gets "a special feeling in the back of [his] neck and in [his] forehead," and I thought, "I know exactly what that means!" That is what I wish to do: to make something beautiful for a stranger.

  • Marcus Nilsson for Bon Appetit!


    Faster isn't always better... but in the case of delicious, D.I.Y. dinners prepared at home, it certainly is!

    Cue: Marcus Nilsson's latest spread in Bon Appetit magazine.

    Titled "Make-Ahead Mains," the story offers a number of recipes for tasty, flavorful meals - and the best part? They're all prepared in advance!

    Check out Marcus' magazine spreads below, and for the full story, be sure to pick up the latest issue of Bon App - on stands now!






  • Jessica Todd Harper shoots for Oprah magazine!


    As an artist, Jessica Todd Harper has become an expert in rendering beautiful and natural-looking portraiture. So it's really no wonder that O the Oprah magazine asked Harper to photograph the below story for the publication's September issue.

    Titled "Can You See the Real Me," the article discusses the life and work of Vivienne Ming, a transgendered person who spent both her childhood and young adulthood trying to figure out how to become comfortable in her own skin.

    Today, Vivienne opens up to Oprah magazine about the tribulations of battling with one's gender identity, and how she eventually achieved peace of mind (and body).

    Pick up a copy of the Oprah magazine to learn more about Vivienne's moving story, and for more of Jessica's stunning portraiture - be sure to visit the JMI site!

    ....And don't forget to keep an eye out for JMI's latest interview with Jessica Todd Harper - coming soon!!



  • Sue Parkhill for Sony!


    Sue Parkhill does it again - photographing the latest advertisements for the all-new Sony Xperia Z1 smartphone!

    Sue shot a total of four ads for the brand's latest campaign, the first of which is currently running in the UK (and is spotted below adorning a double-decker bus!!)

    Check out Sue's hilarious ad for the Xperia Z1 below, and don't forget to check back for the remaining three ads in Sue's Sony advertising series!




  • Lee Clower for Baby & Me!


    If you haven't picked up the latest issue of Baby & Me yet, it's about time you did!

    Out now, the September publication - dubbed "The New York Issue" - features a series of articles and photographs centered on children's fashion in the heart of the Empire State... and, given the magazine's Manhattan focus, it seems only appropriate that both the cover and feature story, "Little Village," were photographed by Mr. New York himself, Lee Clower.

    To view more from the JMI photographer, and browse his children's fashion, be sure to check out the JMI site!




  • Saturday Night Dinners


    It's Friday, which, for many, means it's time to start making dinner plans with friends; but for those looking to save by dining-in this weekend, we suggest giving one of these fun (and tasty!) DIY buffet recipes a try!

    In the latest issue of Real Simple magazine, the story "Saturday Night Dinners" provides three crowd-friendly recipes for entertaining at home. Photographed by Marcus Nilsson, the article offers such variety as a "baked potato bar" a "taco bar," and a "BLT bar" for a fun "night in" that is sure to please.

    Scroll down for the full story, and for more food photography from Marcus, be sure to check out the JMI site!

     -  -  -  -

  • Lajos Geenen: "Stumbled Upon"


    Top Photography Films, a digital publication wholly dedicated to the field of photography and its pursuers, centers its site on contemporary and inspiring work.

    So it's really no wonder JMI's own Lajos Geenen, a photographer whose work is the epitome of all that is modern and inspired, found his way into one of the site's featured articles.

    Titled "Stumbled Upon," the article serves to acknowledge the contextual complexity beneath the body of Geenen's work through the examination of his "Untitled" (artist in studio) series.

    Flipping through the photographer's portfolio, one immediately recognizes the artist's keen eye and creative ingenuity. Both separate, and as a series, Geenen's photographs are intricate and commanding - each image saturated with allegorical importance and aesthetic purpose. By creating what the photographer calls "a carefully constructed tableau," Geenen forces his work's viewer to take in each photo comprehensively, and critically. Juxtaposing the natural with the unnatural, the unaltered with the contrived, (and thus blurring the defining lines therein), Lajos creates a scene of recurring significance. Explains the photographer: "Since awkward or seemingly inappropriate gestures demand more deliberate attention from the viewer, the depicted gestures are neither realistic, nor conventionally artificial. This creates a paradox that relies upon close examination by the viewer to convey meaning, raise questions, and challenge assumptions."

    Privy to a photographic approach that is equal parts spontaneous and calculated, Lajos is enabled by a creative capacity most artists would kill for.

    Sitting down with Top Photography Films, Lajos discusses his methodical approach, his evolution as a photographer, and the inspiration behind his ingenuity.

    Click the links above to read the full article, and for more from Lajos, be sure to visit the JMI site, here.


  • Lucy Schaeffer Shoots for New Martha Stewart Book!


    With the incredible ability to photograph children at play, it's really no wonder Lucy Schaeffer was enlisted by the Martha Stewart franchise to shoot their latest publication.

    Titled "Martha Stewart's Favorite Crafts for Kids," the book offers over 170 do-it-yourself creative projects for at-home play. Lucy captured two adorable shots for this book, shown below, which capture the end-result of a "How-To" on creating stackable, transformable nightstands.

    Click on any of the images below to see more from the JMI photographer, and don't forget to pick up a copy of the book for yourself, today!




  • Inside Mercedes Benz Fashion Week with Lee Clower


    JMI photographer Lee Clower was backstage at New York Fashion Week this week, snapping pre-catwalk shots of the designer-clad models in the minutes before their runway debuts.

    In the images below, Lee captures a number of behind-the-scenes shots from Saturday's Cynthia Rowley show, which put the designer's spring 2014 collection on display.

    For these and more fashion photographs from Lee, be sure to visit his portfolio on the JMI site!




  • David Sykes: New Ad Campaign!!


    "Love it. Hate it. Just don't forget it" is the slogan currently running in conjunction with the latest ad campaign for Marmite.

    Shot by photographer David Sykes, the "Marmite Neglect" campaign plays upon the contradictory feelings many UK consumers have for the historic condiment, which, with yeast extract as its main ingredient, calls for a particularly acquired taste.  

    Shown below, David's images are the focus of the the company's latest advertising feat, shot with London ad agency adam&eveDDB and appearing in print ads across the UK.

    Depicting fully-stocked cupboards with jars of Marmite tucked negligently in the background, the ads offer a comical acknowledgement of the dichotomy between those consumers who "love" the product and those who "hate it." Things are taken an even wittier step further in Marmite's t.v. commercials. Channeling real-life animal rescue programs, the television ads follow a fictional "Marmite Rescue Unit" in its search to uproot neglected jars of Marmite from negligent consumers' homes before re-housing them with loving families.

    Since its release, the "Marmite Neglect" campaign has received an outpouring of praise for its clever approach to this famous schism in consumer sentiments. The campaign has been raved about on numerous blogs, and even named "Best Outdoor Ad"!

    Check out the advertisements below, and for more of David's work, be sure to visit the JMI Site!





  • Lucy Schaeffer for House Beautiful!


    She's an incredible food and children's photographer... but that's not all she can do!

    Lucy Schaeffer shot the stunning image below for the September issue of House Beautiful, exposing her ability to beautifully capture a truly extensive spectrum of subjects. Appearing in the magazine as part of a feature story, this intricate and captivating image is the result of New York designer Miles Redd's approach to aquatic-inspired entertaining, and displays an enchanting rooftop terrace that is certainly guest-ready.

    Pick up a copy of the magazine today for the full story - and for more by Lucy Schaeffer, be sure to visit the JMI site!



  • Marcus Nilsson: Back-to-Back Covers for MSL!


    Seeing double?

    We certainly are!

    Aside from sharing a name, the two most recent issues of Martha Stewart Living have anothing thing in common: their covers!

    Marcus Nilsson photographed both the June and July/August 2013 covers for the mag, and it doesn't stop there! The JMI photographer also shot the June feature "Test Kitchen Wisdom," as well as the July/August "Clams" glossary (both displayed below).

    Check out Marcus Nilsson's back-to-back covers below, and for more editorial work by the photographer, be sure to visit www.jmireps.com!




     -    -

     -    -


    "Clams" Glossary


  • Lee Clower for Club Monaco!


    Does your weekend forecast include any amount of online shopping this Friday through Sunday? If so - don't leave Club Monaco's website off your list!

    The clothing company's site has been recently revamped to include a new "Makers & Muses" section, equipped not only with fresh fall items, but also a behind-the-scenes look into the "makers" of Club Monaco's timeless collection.

    We suggest you start with this: a link to contemporary fashion deisgner, trendsetter, and stylish "maker," Mark McNairy. The McNairy page - embellished by Lee Clower photography - includes a synopsis of McNairy's rising stardom, along with a for-purchase display of his exclusive Club Monaco footwear.

    Turning heads since it's debut, McNairy's footwear collection is not one to be missed. So go on, check out these items, along with Lee's stellar photos, on the Club Monaco website, and to stay up-to-date on all of Lee's fashion photography, be sure to visit WWW.JMIREPS.COM!


  • Tom Watson: One Piece, Two Seasons


    The latest issue of Redbook magazine may just be their most fashion-forward yet.


    In the August publication, out now, the Fall Fashion Feature (photographed by our very own TOM WATSON) takes the ever-complicated summer-to-fall wardrobe transition and makes it an incredibly seamless one. Titled "One Piece, Two Seasons," the eight-page spread packs a one-two punch for both fashionistas and amateur accessorizers alike - offering a number of simple tips for wearing your summer wardrobe well into the winter weather.

    So go on - pick up a copy of the August issue of Redbook today to check out Tom's story, and for more from the JMI photographer, be sure to check out the JMI site!





  • "A Cooler Cookout"



    That's the word that comes to mind when we flip through Marcus Nilsson's spread in the latest issue of Bon Appetit.

    Part of the August issue, the 4-page story offers readers the means to "A Cooler Cookout," providing a variety of simple (not to mention, tasty) recipes with some new takes on old grilling favorites. Printed alongside Marcus' stellar photos, these recipes are sure to spice up any and all standard backyard BBQ fare! So go on - pick up a copy of the magazine's August issue, check out Marcus' images, and give one of these delicious summer staples a try for yourself!



  • Morten Smidt & SodaSHAQ


    Think you've seen it all? Think again.

    The AriZona Beverage company has recently teamed up with retired NBA all-star, Shaquille O'Neal, to release "SodaSHAQ." Out now, the quirky new product - a line of cream sodas donning Shaq's face and a number of comical expressions - is quickly becoming a highly sought-after product.

    ...And whose portraits of the retired NBA baller are featured as the central focus of the product's promotion?

    None other than JMI's own Morten Smidt.


    Aside from photographing the headshots seen here on the AriZona cans, Mort has also been working alongside the beverage company on a number of different post-production projects, including last week's Manhattan meet-and-greet with Shaq himself!

    Last Thursday, Shaq traveled around the Big Apple in a truck embellished with SodaSHAQ decor, handing out free samples of the beverage on city streets before making a surprise guest appearance at Basketball City, an all-new, state-of-the-art basketball camp in Manhattan. While there, O'Neal spoke to campers about the importance of pursuing one's dreams, and presented the camp with a $5,000 check, on behalf of AriZona Beverages and himself, so that ten underpriviledged children could attend the prestigious sports camp in his honor.

    Mort photographed O'Neal's Basketball City appearance, and after the commotion had died down, was able to chat with him as the retired NBA frontman shot free-throws with Mort's son and daughter. "Shaq was a really sweet guy," the JMI photographer said. "The kids just wanted to flock around him."

    Regarding the brand's heightened publicity and success, Mort credits Shaq's involvement, coupled with AriZona's strategic marketing. "They're really making it fun for that generation," he said.

    But is this the last you'll see of SodaSHAQ publicity and Mort's Shaq portraits?

    Not quite.

    On the heels of the Basketball City initiative, the AriZona Beverage company has chosen to utilize Mort's remarkable portraiture yet again - printing a Shaq collage that Mort, himself, created and handing it out in poster form with Shaq's signature.

    Check out Mort's photographs of Shaq's visit to Basketball City, below, and for more of Mort's work, including his incredible sports portraiture, be sure to visit the JMI site!!








  • Marcus Nilsson for Bon Appetit


    Marcus Nilsson serves up some tasty frozen treats in the latest issue of Bon Appetit.

    For the July publication, out now, Marcus photographed "Pretty in Pink," an article offering a variety of cool and refreshing summer dessert recipes. All fruit-infused and frozen, these satisfying sweets are sure to hit the spot on a hot July day! So go on - pick up a copy of the latest Bon App, and give one of these delicious desserts a try for yourself!




  • Exclusive First Look


    Here's an exclusive sneak peek into the latest in Azzaro Silver fashion: The Spring/Summer 2014 line, photographed by JMI's own Tom Watson!

    Check out the line, as photographed by Tom, below - and for more of Tom's fashion and advertising work, be sure to check out the JMI site!



  • Lucy Schaeffer for Martha Stewart Weddings!


    Have you picked up a copy of the latest Martha Stewart Weddings?

    In it, a series of beautiful photographs by Lucy Schaeffer accompany "Puttin on the Glitz," a story offering an inside look into one couple's charming, country wedding.

    Check out Lucy's shots of the ceremony, below, and for the full article, be sure to pick up a copy of the magazine - on stands now!





  • "The Big Chill"


    Craving something cold and sweet?

    We've got you covered.

    In the latest issue of Real Simple, out now, photographs by Marcus Nilsson embellish the magazine's cover and an article titled "The Big Chill," which offers readers six delicious ice cream-focused dessert creations to try at home. Ranging from molasses-ginger chocolate ice cream sandwiches, to homemade blackberry yogurt pops, these tasty frozen treats are sure to satisfy every sweet-tooth.

    So go on - pick up a copy of the July issue and give one of these refreshing summer staples a try for yourself. You won't be dissappointed!






  • Amy Postle for Parents Magazine!


    Have you picked up a copy of Parents?!

    In the summer issue, out now, JMI's own Amy Postle shot not only the publication's cover - but also THREE feature stories!

    Below are some of our favorite shots from the issue - but don't take our word for it! To read the full articles, or to check out more of Amy's photos, be sure to pick up a copy of the magazine for yourself, today!!

    av -



     -  -  -  -  -  -  -  -  -

  • Marcus Nilsson: "Best New Chefs"


    America's got talent.

    Culinary talent, that is.

    In the latest issue of Food & Wine magazine, the publication announces its list of the 11 most talented culinary artists in the nation. Appropriately titled "Best New Chefs," the July issue is centered on the latest and greatest in American gastronomic talent - and they're certainly naming names! With lengthy chef bios, full-fledged recipes, and inspiring stories of discorvery, the magazine covers all its bases.

    ....And did we mention that the feature story, as well as the magazine cover, was photographed entirely by Marcus Nilsson?!

    For more of Marcus's work, click on any of the images below; and to read the full Food & Wine story, be sure to pick up a copy of the mag for yourself (on stands now); or - visit the Food & Wine site!



     -  -  -  -  -  -  -  -  -  -

  • Lee Clower: NY Times Shoot with Josephine de la Baume!


    There's no stopping Lee Clower!

    In Thursday's New York Times, the JMI photographer captured yet another set of incredible shots for the newspaper's illustrious Fashion & Style column. With budding French actress, Josephine de la Baum, as the article's focus, Lee successfully adds another series of stunning celebrity portraits to his repertoire.

    For the full article, accompanied by Lee's images, click on the image below, and for more celebrity portraiture by Clower, click here.


  • Q&A with Sue Parkhill!


    Back in April, JMI photographer SUE PARKHILL joined grassroots charity Farm Africa in "Dig for Good," an initiative created to provide food and income opportunities to communities in Africa. Lending her creative talents to the initiative, Sue traveled to Kenya, where she spent a week photographing a group of businesswomen as they physically constructed a fish pond for a small female farming cooperative. Now, on the heels of her return, Sue sits down with JMI to chat about the charity organization, her experiences in Kenya, and the inspiration behind her photography.


    JMI REPS: How did you first hear about the Farm Africa organization and its "Food for Good" initiative?

    SUE PARKHILL: Farm Africa knew of my work through a UNICEF job I did a few years back; I've also worked for one of their sponsers, Sainsbury's.... I knew straight away that I wanted to do [this project]. I loved the whole concept that these leading U.K. food industries wanted to "do" something in Kenya, and actually raise money in the process...working with local women to make a pond that will provide a business in fish farming that will generate both food and revenue. It is so hands-on, and seems such an innate way to provide real help.

    JMI: Before leaving for Kenya, did the organization brief you on the initiative, or what to expect while you were there?

    SP: I knew that ladies would be digging a huge hole...[but] none of us knew that the rains had not stopped, or that the soil was saturated, clay-like, and very heavy. I didn't know any of the women, and wondered how they would hold up....running companies is very different from digging holes...a lot of alpha-females together, and some of them business rivals to boot...so I knew it was going to be interesting.

    JMI: Wow. I bet! Did it turn out to be anything like what you expected?

    SP: I am very pleased to report that the ladies were a delight. No infighting...and all with a future in laboring, if called upon! The local women were incredibly welcoming and hardworking, and we felt very much like a group in a short space of time. We found everyone had so much in common...a lot of "mum talk" about education, aspirations, and hopes for our children.

    JMI: What, would you say, was your main creative goal while in Kenya? Were you trying to capture anything specific through your photographs?

    SP: When I photograph real people, I feel a huge responsibility to represent them faithfully. I really wanted to show the challenge, hard work, camaraderie, compassion, and fun that is present when you work in a group on something worthwhile.

    JMI: Did the organizers behind "Dig for Good" ask you to photograph anything specific during your time there (i.e. were there any creative guidelines), or was it more go-with-the-flow?

    SP: There were things that we needed to show. The U.K. ladies were being sponsored, so it was important that the sponsors saw how hard they were working. I think there might have been a preconception that they would be "looked after," and not work too hard...this was so, so not true!

    JMI: Of all the photographs you took during the span of your trip, which is your favorite?

    SP: Impossible...but, I love the "heart potato" (pictured above). A young man came up to me in the market and showed it to me. It was strangely moving how much it looked like a heart.

    JMI: I love that shot, too! Was that the most memorable moment of your trip, or is there another moment that sticks out in your mind as being the most special?

    SP: I asked to record some of the singing I had heard the local ladies doing while they worked. Three of the ladies gave me a little private concert. That was awesome.

  • "Simple" and tasty burgers a la Marcus Nilsson


    It's about that time of year again! With Memorial Day weekend quickly approaching, it's time to dust off your summer cookbooks and put that grill to good use...

    ...and what better way to do that than with tasty burger dishes?

    In the latest issue of Real Simple, JMI photographer Marcus Nilsson shot the amazing photos below for the article "Top This!" - which offers six delicious burger recipes to kickstart your summer grilling!

    Try one (or all) of these twists on that famous summer staple, and for more of Marcus' tasty food photos, be sure to visit the JMI site!

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