• Mikkel Vang shoots for H&M Home!


    Recognize these??

    The images below are the latest in a series of ads for H&M Home collection, an extension of the H&M fashion brand, specializing in interior design and home decor.

    Photographed by JMI's own Mikkel Vang in Cape Town, South Africa back in January, these stunning interior shots are now featured on the H&M website! Click the link above to check them out, and for more of Mikkel's breathtaking interior photography, be sure to visit the JMI site!!

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  • Lee Clower: New York Times Shoot with Sandra Lee!


    Did you catch yesterday's Fashion & Style section of the The New York Times?

    In it, JMI's own Lee Clower captured the beautiful (and also particularly fashion-forward) Food Network star, Sandra Lee, for the newspaper's "What I Wore" segment. Photographed by Clower in her Manhattan home, the "Semi-Homemade Cooking" host dished about life, fashion influences, and day-to-day style choices.

    If you're interested in reading the full article, be sure to visit the link above, and for more celebrity portraiture by Lee, check out the JMI site!


  • Tom Watson: New Beauty


    Is this dreary May weather bringing you down?

    Check out these adorable new beauty shots by Tom Watson! Photographed for Fashion Salade magazine in London, these bright, playful, and cheery images are sure to brighten your day - no matter what the weather forecast!

    So go on, take a look below, and for more of Tom's editorial work, check out the JMI site.




  • Q&A with Frank Herholdt!


    Born and raised in South Africa in the midst of Apartheid, Frank Herholdt grew up surrounded by oppression, segregation, and extreme racism. Dissolusioned by the tyranny around him, Frank became seduced by the romanticism of film in the era of Hitchcock, Fellini, and Bergman. Aside from film, Frank also fell particularly in love with the romantic chiaroscuro utilized in the paintings of Caravaggio and Vermeer: "The light in Johannesburg is harsh and uncompromising...I loved looking at European art and seeing the gentle light used by the old masters," he explained. Years later, Frank now lives in London with his family, but traces of his childhood adoration for film and European art prove indisputably present throughout his work. An established and irrefutably talented photographer, Frank sits down with JMI to talk about his past, present, and the many influences behind his unique photographic style.


    JMI REPS: You lived in South Africa for a short while before moving to London, is that right?

    FRANK HERHOLDT: I was in fact born and raised in South Africa, right in the middle of a very suppressive era - the Apartheid era. Luckily, my father worked at a very liberal university, and as a child and young adult, I was exposed to numerous professors and lecturers who had liberal views - a number [of whom] were later persecuted and jailed by the state for their anti-racist veiws...This upbringing made me rather angry and anti-establishment. I was hopeless at sport because of my terrible eyesight, and so I was a bit of a nerd that didn't fit in. My main diversion was books, and mags like LIFE, and going to the movies..

    JMI: How did you get started as a photographer?

    FH: I was studying Fine Art at The Johannesburg School of Art, and in my second year...I ran into an ex-girlfriend on the street. She was a crazy, enthusiastic character, and insisted that I come with her to meet her new husband who was a photographer. He was a really nice, generous guy, and offered to teach me dark room techniques if I would help around the studio occassionally. I started coming after school...but soon I was so hung up on the shots and the processing, I began to drop classes. Eventually, I ended up working for [him] more or less full-time. I never finished my degree! I eventually moved to London and worked with several eminent photographers, including the great American artist, Art Kane, who worked regularly in Europe. That's when I finally started my own career.

    JMI: In what ways has your photography evolved since you first started out?

    FH: Of course, fashion and techniques have all evolved, and I have endeavored to keep up. I would hope that I have become more and more skilled, and also more mature in many ways.

    JMI: How would you characterize your photography?

    FH: Narrative. Painterly, mostly.

    JMI: What inspires your photography most?

    FH: I can't answer this one too easily. I am not good at leisurely pursuits, I don't get golf or fishing, and I cycle to keep fit (but secretly hate it). So, really, the thing I love doing most is taking pictures that work - but that isn't always easy.

    JMI: Do you ever find yourself influenced by other artists' work?

    FH: I constantly visit both art and photography exhibitions, and look stuff up online. So yes, I am definitely inspired by other artists' work - Bill Brant, Guy Bourdan, Man Ray, Andre Kertesz, Alex Prager, Ryan McGinley, and Steven Meisel.

    JMI: You've shot everything from conceptual pieces to portraits to lifestyle work...Do you prefer one style of shooting to the others?

    FH: I just like taking pictures, and the cooperation and interaction between the crew and the subjects. I guess my favorite is conceptual.

    JMI: Really? Which conceptual piece of yours is your favorite?

    FH: The guy smoking in the foreground with the girl on the bed.

    JMI: I love that photograph! My favorite of yours is the one you shot for Brooks saddles, where the hounds are chasing down the man and woman holding the fox (pictured above). Every aspect of that photograph is absolutely perfect. What's the story behind this shot?

    FH: The original idea was from a modest but wonderfully crazy art director, Fabio Fedrigo. He is Italian and looks at British culture with a different perspective. The shot took weeks to prepare and negotiate. None of the hunt clubs would cooperate because they thought it was too "anti-hunt," and the producer struggled to find someone who would provide the hounds. Also, it was shot in late-October, and the weather was awful. I had about 7 assistants on this shoot, and they were run ragged - chasing dogs, covering light from the rain, and pumping smoke across the background. Everybody was covered with mud by the end of the shoot.

    JMI: That sounds chaotic! What is your typical approach on shoot days? Do you walk into a shoot with a particular focus, or are you more "go-with-the-flow"?

    FH: I am a maniacal researcher...no way "go-with-the-flow." I try to research and plan every aspect of the shoot - even the catering (a happy crew is a well-fed crew)! Clearly there will be spontaneous moments, but only within the original planning.

    JMI: Looking forward, is there anything new and exciting on the horizon for you?

    FH: There's this woman I met who makes these really strange masks - decorative, gold masks. She's an artist and is doing really well in London. I have an idea to do something with that soon. I've also been shooting portraits lately, of mothers and children we've met in the park, etc. I have various projects up my sleeve...

  • ..And He's Off!


    With his trip to the U.S. now over, JMI photographer David Sykes will be saying his goodbyes to the Big Apple today as he boards his plane for London.

    In light of his departure, we'd like to share this stunning photo of David's: a retro period piece featuring the American airline that became one of the most prominent cultural icons of the 20th century - Pan Am.

    Click on the image below to view more of David's work, and a special thank-you to all those who met with David in New York and Chicago during his visit!


  • Marcus Nilsson: "Guns Within Reach"


    Have you seen this article in the latest issue of Parenting? Photographed by Marcus Nilsson, the story discusses the hotly-contested issue of weapon regulation in the U.S.

    Powerful and affecting, Marcus' photographs offer a visual realization of the seriousness of gun control. Check out the article with Marcus' photographs below, and for more of Marcus' work, visit the JMI Site!





  • New Portraits by Sue Parkhill!


    Check out these amazing new portraits from Sue Parkhill!

    Sue recently snapped these incredible portraits of Australian novelist, Andrew McGahan (top), and London-based American poet, Barbara Marsh (bottom), as part of the promotion for the writers' latest book releases. While the image of McGahan will appear on the author's promotional handouts, the photograph of Marsh is set to appear on the back of her new book!

    Take a look at the portraits below, and for more of Sue's work, visit the JMI Site!



  • New Beauty by Tom Watson!


    Check out the latest beauty shots from Tom Watson!

    Photographed in studio last month in Paris, these adorable beauty shots are outtakes from an advertisting job Tom had with DIM brand underwear and 3 Suisse, a widely circulated catalog in France!!

    Interested in viewing more work by Tom? Visit the JMI site!


  • David Sykes - Buona Pasqua!


    Back in February, David Sykes was commissioned by Irving & co to shoot Carluccio's 2013 Easter ad campaign!

    Appearing on the Italian restaurant's Easter ads, David's beautiful photographs of Carluccio chocolate candy eggs are the perfect treat to round out the Easter holiday. Check out the images below - and to read more about David's experience shooting this ad, or to view the video he filmed while on set, click here!!!!



  • Marcus Nilsson for Cooking Light!


    Marcus Nilsson is at it again - this time with a series of incredible photographs for the latest issue of Cooking Light!

    Appearing in the "40 Under 40" story titled "Beefy Meals," Marcus' shots are the perfect pairing for the tasty recipes offered in the article.

    Check out the images below, and pick up a copy of the magazine to give one of these delicious dishes a try for yourself!




  • Don't forget...


    David Sykes is here in the States!!

    Originally from London, David will be in the New York and Chicago areas from now until April 10th - and would love to work with you! David will be in Chicago from March 28th-April 1st, and then will be back in New York from April 2nd-April 10th.

    If you are interested in working with David, or in setting up a meeting with him, please contact us at: 212.564.0216 or ashley@jmireps.com!


  • Mikkel Vang: Vogue Living Australia Cover Story!


    Mikkel Vang's latest cover story has all the makings of a stunning feature.

    With gorgeous lighting, a breathtaking location and, of course, an aesthetic viewpoint that could only be Mikkel's - the Vogue Living story hardly needs an introduction.

    Featured in the March/April issue of the magazine, the article (appropriately titled "Serendipity") provides a series of stunning interior shots taken by Mikkel of a captivating and tranquil Sydney home.

    Unable to pick up a copy of the issue yourself? Check out some of the images below, and for more of Mikkel's interior work, visit the JMI site!

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  • Hugh Hartshorne: Morgan Stanley Ad Campaign!


    Recognize these?

    Shot by our very own Hugh Hartshorne, the images below are featured in the latest ad campaign for Morgan Stanley, appearing in branch windows, brochures, and kiosks across NYC!

    While known for his exceptional portrait and lifestyle work, Hugh also holds the unique ability to capture the raw metropolitan beauty of New York City. For this campaign, Hugh photographed front stoops from each of the different city boroughs to capture the distinct personalities of each of the urban communities where the ten Morgan Stanely branches are located.

    Check out the ads below, and see if you can guess which boroughs these doorsteps are from!



  • Marcus Nilsson: Special Edition Gourmet Cover!


    Today may be the first day of spring, but that doesn't mean you have to retire your favorite pasta dish!

    Marcus Nilsson shot this cover for the latest issue of Gourmet magazine (below) - a special edition issue wholly dedicated to that little Italian staple we all love so much! On stands now, the magazine features over 100 variations of different pasta plates. So go on, pick up a copy of this special edition Gourmet today and give one (or all) of these tasty dishes a try for yourself!


  • Tom Watson for Glamour Spain


    What do tapas and jewelry have in common?

    Answer: both are featured in a story for the latest issue of Glamour Spain, out today.

    Photographed by JMI's own Tom Watson, the story - appropriately titled "Joyas y Tapas" - is accompanied by a number of gorgeous images of women donning designer jewelry.

    Check out a few of the photos below, and for more of Tom's editorial work, check out the JMI site or TomWatsonPhoto.com.





  • Marcus Nilsson: Italian Renaissance



    That's all we can say about Marcus Nilsson's photos in the March issue of Real Simple! Appearing in the story titled "Italian Renaissance," Marcus' amazing shots sit nestled among a handful of recipes for a variety of delicious, Italian-inspired pasta dishes.

    Check out the article, along with Marcus' photographs, below - and give one of these tasty pasta plates a try for yourself!


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  • Lee Clower: NY Times Shoot with Modern Family star, Jesse Tyler Ferguson!


    Lee Clower does it again!

    In Sunday's issue of the New York Times, the photographer perfectly captures the playful personality of comedic genius Jesse Tyler Ferguson, star of ABC's Modern Family. Known for his role as "Mitchell" on the hit TV series, Ferguson was featured in Sunday's Fashion & Style section for the recent launch of his first fashion line: a limited edition bow-tie collection, titled "Tie the Knot," which doubles as a campaign to promote marriage equality.

    To view more of Lee's celebrity portrait work, click on the image below, and for the full article, visit the New York Times site!


  • Lucy Schaeffer Shoots for New Cookbook!!


    Looking for a good read?

    ...Look no further!

    As of April 2nd, the highly-anticipated Modern Mediterranean: Easy, Flavorful Home Cooking will be on sale, and trust us, you're going to want to get your hands on this one!

    Written by renowned New York City chef Melia Marden (executive chef at NYC hotspot, The Smile), the book features 125 different Mediterranean-inspired recipes by the author, and is embellished with amazing photographs by our very own Lucy Schaeffer!

    With delicious fixin's by a top New York City chef, and over 100 photos by a JMI photographer - what's not to love?!

    For more book details, or to pre-order a copy of the cookbook for yourself, visit amazon.com.


  • Marcus Nilsson for Whole Living


    In spite of the winter flurries blowing around outside of our office window, we're thinking spring..and what better way to do that than with yummy, fruit-infused recipes?!

    In the latest Whole Living, photographs by Marcus Nilsson accompany a number of delicious spring dishes - with a fruity twist! Titled "Sunshine Daydream" (appropriate, given today's forecast), the article offers recipes for everything from Seared Halibut Tacos with Grapefruit-Avocado Salsa, to Crushed Pineapple-Rosemary Limeade. So go on, wash away those winter blues! Check out Marcus' amazing shots, below, or pick up a copy of Whole Living for the full article!





  • Wednesday Q&A with LEE CLOWER!


    In today's creative industry, artists are often faced with the question of how to stay relevant, while still maintaining a distinct and unique creative perspective. Luckily, for JMI photographer LEE CLOWER, years of experience have brought him to a number of industry-essential realizations: success is born from hard work and determination, high expectations introduce positive outcomes, and ultimately, fitting in indisputibly means standing out.


    JMI Reps: You've been busy! It seems as though you've been working non-stop. What's the key to success and keeping busy in a field as competitive as photography?

    Lee Clower: That's an interesting question to evaluate, but I'm not sure I have an answer that would not sound like a generalization or a cliche...I think for me personally, the answer lies in a mixture of elements: determination, vision, freedom of thought...I've only recently allowed myself to acknowledge that, just because I love my work, does not mean that I'm not working hard. Somewhere in that realization is at least one essential key to my success.

    JMI: To stay relevant in this field, would you say it's better to be stylistically conventional, or unconventional?

    LC: Well, hopefully staying relevant comes with being unconventional, because I have no idea how to be conventional.

    JMI: What would you say is the most challenging component of what you do?

    LC: Interestingly, I love to be challenged...I know full well that this will sound cliche before I even say it, but I consider every shoot my most important one. The old Hollywood adage that, "you're only as good as your last picture," seems amusingly appropriate in my world... I love being on set and knowing that an image my crew and I created is simply perfect. With that in mind, it can be challenging to convince a client to move on to the next shot and keep the momentum going...I (also) find turning down a job that is just not right for my style of shooting quite difficult, if not necessarily challenging.

    JMI: What is your approach on shoot days? Do you walk into a shoot with a particular focus, or are you more "go-with-the-flow"?

    LC: At the risk of sounding contradictory, I prefer a combination of the two...I go to every single shoot I accept with a focused mission and never have any doubt that my client will be more than pleased with the final result. That sounds like a given, but it's not at all. I have many talented artist and photographer friends and colleagues who are still nervous about pleasing the client on most of their shoots...that used to be the case with me, but not any more, and it's a huge piece of the puzzle for me, because pleasing the client should be the priority on any shoot, so when that becomes a given, I can...focus on how to take every shoot to the next level by going with the flow. 

    JMI: How would you describe your photographic style?

    LC: I always strive for elegance first. Whimsical works it's way into most of my work when appropriate, and it's almost always appropriate. So, it in the following order: elegant, whimsical, unexpected, and usually, just slightly, intentionally overexposed.

    JMI: What inspires your photography most?

    LC: I find that my most significant strength in our industry is my non-stop, absolutely constant, obsessive quest for inspiration. I literally plan my entire existence around being inspired by everything in my path. I have some standard go-tos for inspiration...MoMA, P.S.1, the paintings of John Currin, anything by Matthew Barney or Richard Serra, the streets of NYC, the food at Aureole, ABC Kitchen, Eataly, Balthazar, Soto...in my daily routine, everything from the studios I choose to the crew I prefer to work with, coffee shops, bars, vacation destinations, etc. are all chosen sources of inspiration. More specifically, morning sunlight streaming into my studio with Rene Fleming or ACDC blasting, and my preferred team excited about creating together is the perfect equation for inspiration.

    JMI: Your specialties include fashion, kid's fashion, portraiture, and celebrity portraiture. Do you prefer one to the others?

    LC: Honestly, I don't. I just want to be behind the camera shooting all the time. With that said though, I do find that the specific categories you referenced are each essential to my personal flow. Example..I love shooting fashion, but fashion shoots can often become very serious. We all know that the fashion world can take itself too seriously on occasion. For me, the counter balance to that is shooting kids, and really enjoying just letting them be exactly who they are.

    JMI: Lately, you've been working closely with acclaimed fashion frontrunner Mark McNairy. Tell us a little more about that collaboration.

    LC: I have been working with Mark (...love his "McNasty" nickname, by the way) for years now, and we've developed a mutual respect for each other's style and work ethic...I think it helps that we are both enjoying a semi-new element of recognition for years of hard work...but essentially my collaborative work with Mark is simple: when shooting together we both push each other, and both demand and will not settle for anything less than absolute perfection.

    JMI: What can we expect from Lee Clower in the next few months? Is there anything new and exciting on the horizon that we should be keeping an eye out for?

    LC: That's an amusing and curiously frustrating question for me in that, because I shoot so often for The New York Times, I can be so excited about a particular shoot or series of shoots, but not allowed to talk about it because of the covertness necessary for working with "paper of record." I will say that I do have some significant, yet-to-be-released shoots in my proverbial arsenal...Snooki for XOJane's new beauty site, XOVain, just came out, so, there's that...(laughs).

    JMI: Alright, million-dollar question: If you could give your former, just-starting-out-in-the-business self one piece of advice, what would it be?

    LC: You will get exactly what you expect out of your work and this industry, so look as deep as necessary to find the understanding that you must expect and deserve the absolute best....it helps to know early on that you, alone, as the photographer have to take full responsibility for every single shoot - mistakes and failures, especially.


  • Marcus Nilsson for Cooking Light


    As the workday comes to a close, have you given any thought to what you'll be cooking for dinner tonight?

    We say: give one of these delicious-looking noodle bowls a try!

    Shot by Marcus Nilsson for the latest issue of Cooking Light, these amazing photographs accompany recipes for a variety of celebrated Asian noodle dishes.

    Trust us, one glimpse at these photos and you'll be craving noodles for the rest of the night - that is, if you weren't already.




  • Christine Rudolph for Bon Appetit!


    Have you seen this article in BON APPETIT?

    Titled "Andalusia Dreaming," the story showcases a small B&B in northern Seville, and for the shoot, JMI's own Christine Rudolph lended her incredible styling talents to produce the stunning images, below.

    Be sure to check out the full magazine article here, and to view more of Christine's work, simply click on any of the images below!




  • Marcus Nilsson: Blake Lively & Ryan Reynolds Wedding


    Still gushing over the marriage of Blake Lively and Ryan Reynolds?

    So are we!

    Lucky for us, JMI's own Marcus Nilsson was there photographing the wedding!! Check out the stunning images from the ceremony below, which appeared as the cover story for the winter publication of Martha Stewart Weddings!


     -  -

     -  -

  • Amy Postle: Rehabilitation Through Photography


    On the heels of her recent inauguration into Rehabilitation Through Photography, a New York-based NPO centered on the rehabilitative capacity of the creative arts, photographer AMY POSTLE sat down with JMI to talk about the program, her inspiring involvement, and the true power of creativity.


    JMI REPS: You've recently become involved with the Rehabilitation Through Photography NPO here in New York. For those who are unfamiliar with the organization, what can you tell us about it?

    AMY POSTLE: Rehabilitation Through Photography is a local not-for-profit that, for 70 years, has implemented a broad range of photography programs to various populations throughout New York, including the physically and emotionally challenged, elderly, at-risk youth, homeless, and the visually impaired.

    JMI: What is your roll in the program?

    AP: My program takes place at Marilyn David IVDU Upper School, a special needs high school for girls in Brooklyn. I am a volunteer photography instructor who created, implemented, and am currently teaching weekly photography classes to eleven emotionally and socially challenged girls, ages 13-21.

    JMI: What techniques are introduced during a typical class period?

    AP: We work with point and shoot cameras, learning practical skills while exploring the creative process.

    JMI: While clearly centered on the photography process, what else would you say this program offers its students?

    AP: My goal is not only to expose the students to the creative arts, but to enhance their life skills...to inspire and enable (them) to channel their energy in an open and expressive way, reinforcing independence, self-confidence, and a sense of accomplishment.

    JMI: What has been one of your most memorable classroom experiences, thus-far?

    AP: The highlight of my first class was a breakthrough I had with one of the students, Tahilla. Having been warned of her intense shyness, it was an overwhelming feeling to have her engage, ask questions, and be very focused. Watching her explore the room with her camera was equally exciting. She was drawn to shapes, color, and she, who had never even held a camera before, by far captured the most creative images of the day.

    JMI: What insight has being a part of this program given you into the power of photography as a vessel of expression?

    AP: While I love my commercial work, the joy I am receiving by helping these girls is so unique. In my class, I see students connecting to each other and to the world through their cameras...the creative process is helping them find their voice.

    For more on Amy's involvement in the Rehabilitation Through Photography program, visit www.amypostle.com - and be on the lookout for the next Q&A with LEE CLOWER, coming soon!

  • Tom Watson: ARROW


    In need of a fashion-fix after the conclusion of New York Fashion Week?

    Check out these stunning shots for European fashion brand Arrow! Shot by JMI's own Tom Watson, the photographs are a part of the fashion brand's most recent major ad campaign, and are popping up in magazines and stores across Europe!

    Browse through some of the images below, and for more on Tom's fashion work, be sure to visit the JMI site!






  • Happy Valentine's Day!


    Happy Valentine's Day!!!

    Take a peak at this adorable holiday-inspired video by Lucy Schaeffer, who's back from maternity leave and wants YOU to be her valentine!


  • We're Back!


    We're Back!

    After a great experience at the LeBook Connections event in sunny Los Angeles, California, the JMI team is back in the New York office and ready for the busy (..and cold!) week ahead.

    Check out this image of our booth, and a special thank-you to the LeBook staff for having us at this memorable event!


  • LeBook Connections in LA!


    It's that time of year again...time for LeBook Connections in sunny Los Angeles, California!!

    This Wednesday, the JMI team will be travelling to The Golden State for the event, which is scheduled to take place on Thursday, January 31st. The artist tradeshow, held annually in LA, is hosted by LeBook, and is sure to be an incredible experience!

    For trip updates, and to stay up-to-date on all of JMI's exciting news & events in the new year, be sure to check the JMI site daily!

    California, here we come!


  • Amy Postle Featured in REDBOOK!


    Have you seen the latest issue of Redbook??

    Out now, the magazine includes a feature story with photographs by our very own AMY POSTLE! Located in the "Men, Love & Family" section of the mag, Amy's shots beautifully capture the February issue's "Hottest Husband 2013" contest winner and his family.

    Take a peek at Amy's adorable photographs, below - and for the full story, be sure to pick up a copy of the magazine for yourself!!



  • Tom Watson for DESIGUAL!


    Have you seen the latest ads from contemporary clothing brand DESIGUAL??

    Famous for its eclectic prints and vibrant colors, the fashion store's newest ad campaign - shot by our very own TOM WATSON and appearing on kiosks across the world - is as fun as the merchandise itself!

    Check out the ads below, and for more of Tom's work, be sure to visit the JMI site!



  • Happy New Year!



    With 2013 now officially upon us, what better way to celebrate than with new shots from a JMI photographer?! Check out these breathtaking bridal images from LEE CLOWER below! To stay up-to-date on Lee's work and see what else 2013 has in store for the photographer, be sure to visit the JMI site!




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