• Hugh Hartshorne: Morgan Stanley Ad Campaign!


    Recognize these?

    Shot by our very own Hugh Hartshorne, the images below are featured in the latest ad campaign for Morgan Stanley, appearing in branch windows, brochures, and kiosks across NYC!

    While known for his exceptional portrait and lifestyle work, Hugh also holds the unique ability to capture the raw metropolitan beauty of New York City. For this campaign, Hugh photographed front stoops from each of the different city boroughs to capture the distinct personalities of each of the urban communities where the ten Morgan Stanely branches are located.

    Check out the ads below, and see if you can guess which boroughs these doorsteps are from!



  • Hugh Hartshorne Shoots Australian "Fresh Start" Campaign


    Take a look at these inspiring ads shot by Hugh Hartshorne for the Government of South Australia "Fresh Start" initiative. The ads portray real people taking advantage of a new program created by the South Australian government. Hugh captured some very beautiful and real portraits! Click the images below to see more of Hugh's amazing portrait work!




  • Hugh Hartshorne Wins an International Loupe Award!


    Congratulations to Hugh Hartshorne on winning a 2011 International Loupe Award! He won for the below image and we are thrilled for him!





  • FRANK HERHOLDT: Behind the Scenes at Brooks


    Check out a great behind the scenes video of Frank’s shoot with Brooks England, shot by Frank’s wife Helena. How cute is that fox? He’s going to be a star!

    Frank won Silver in the French competition, PX3 Prix de la Photographie Paris, in the Professional Advertising category for this campaign. Congratulations, Frank!





    untitled - untitled -

    untitled - Hugh Hartshorne continues his LensCrafter Campaign.  The ads are running nationwide in magazines, stores, and on the web.  I have included a few of my favorites!  Hugh's unique portraits have been a perfect fit, check out even more of his work on our site!

  • New work from Hugh Hartshorne!


    untitled - untitled - untitled -

    untitled - Hugh Hartshorne has been shooting a lot of new portraits lately!  Not only for ad jobs, but every chance he gets when he sees someone who inspires him.

    Check out these beautiful shots, he has this amazing way of getting real emotion out of people.  There are more on the site, so check it out!

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