• Sue Parkhill Goes Cross-Country


    "I love a road trip; Australia, UK, France, Slovakia... love it, but a USA road trip is hard to beat."  - Sue Parkhill 

    This summer, Sue Parkhill ventured cross-country with her family, experiencing some of America's wonderful road trip wonders.  Along Route 66, they got a glimpse of the Grand Canyon, stopped by a rodeo show, and discovered dinosaur footprints beside hiking trails!  We love the subtle humor and simple beauty Sue captured within this roadside series.

    Here's what truly stood out to Sue from her journey across America.

    • "Breakfast.  Need I say more? The breakfast burrito is a thing of wonder"
    • "Being sincerely surprised by what is around the next corner" 
    • "It's a cliche, but people are just SO friendly"
    • "Hiking! Who knew hiking was so fantastic?"
    • "Swedish Fish"

    Below are a few of our favorite shots from Sue's roadtrip!


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    To view Sue's full portfolio, click here

  • NatWest Ad by Sue Parkhill!


    A little bit of wit and whimsy is what we expect with a Sue Parkhill ad, and we are not disappointed with her newest ad out now for NatWest! Buckle up and enjoy!

    To check out Sue's full portfolio click here


  • Libero Touch by Sue Parkhill


    Introducing the all-new Libero Touch campaign by Ashley Klinger & Co. photographer Sue Parkhill. The humor and sensibility of these ads make them undeniably Sue's. 

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    For more work by Sue Parkhill visit ashleyklinger.com!

  • At Last: Sue Parkhill's Sony Ad Campaign Series!


    Sue Parkhill does it again!

    The JMI photographer snapped these breathtaking shots as part of the latest ad campaign for Sony's Xperia Z1 smartphone, out now!

    Check out Sue's ads below, and for more of the photographer's advertising work - be sure to visit the JMI site!





  • Sue Parkhill for Sony!


    Sue Parkhill does it again - photographing the latest advertisements for the all-new Sony Xperia Z1 smartphone!

    Sue shot a total of four ads for the brand's latest campaign, the first of which is currently running in the UK (and is spotted below adorning a double-decker bus!!)

    Check out Sue's hilarious ad for the Xperia Z1 below, and don't forget to check back for the remaining three ads in Sue's Sony advertising series!




  • Q&A with Sue Parkhill!


    Back in April, JMI photographer SUE PARKHILL joined grassroots charity Farm Africa in "Dig for Good," an initiative created to provide food and income opportunities to communities in Africa. Lending her creative talents to the initiative, Sue traveled to Kenya, where she spent a week photographing a group of businesswomen as they physically constructed a fish pond for a small female farming cooperative. Now, on the heels of her return, Sue sits down with JMI to chat about the charity organization, her experiences in Kenya, and the inspiration behind her photography.


    JMI REPS: How did you first hear about the Farm Africa organization and its "Food for Good" initiative?

    SUE PARKHILL: Farm Africa knew of my work through a UNICEF job I did a few years back; I've also worked for one of their sponsers, Sainsbury's.... I knew straight away that I wanted to do [this project]. I loved the whole concept that these leading U.K. food industries wanted to "do" something in Kenya, and actually raise money in the process...working with local women to make a pond that will provide a business in fish farming that will generate both food and revenue. It is so hands-on, and seems such an innate way to provide real help.

    JMI: Before leaving for Kenya, did the organization brief you on the initiative, or what to expect while you were there?

    SP: I knew that ladies would be digging a huge hole...[but] none of us knew that the rains had not stopped, or that the soil was saturated, clay-like, and very heavy. I didn't know any of the women, and wondered how they would hold up....running companies is very different from digging holes...a lot of alpha-females together, and some of them business rivals to boot...so I knew it was going to be interesting.

    JMI: Wow. I bet! Did it turn out to be anything like what you expected?

    SP: I am very pleased to report that the ladies were a delight. No infighting...and all with a future in laboring, if called upon! The local women were incredibly welcoming and hardworking, and we felt very much like a group in a short space of time. We found everyone had so much in common...a lot of "mum talk" about education, aspirations, and hopes for our children.

    JMI: What, would you say, was your main creative goal while in Kenya? Were you trying to capture anything specific through your photographs?

    SP: When I photograph real people, I feel a huge responsibility to represent them faithfully. I really wanted to show the challenge, hard work, camaraderie, compassion, and fun that is present when you work in a group on something worthwhile.

    JMI: Did the organizers behind "Dig for Good" ask you to photograph anything specific during your time there (i.e. were there any creative guidelines), or was it more go-with-the-flow?

    SP: There were things that we needed to show. The U.K. ladies were being sponsored, so it was important that the sponsors saw how hard they were working. I think there might have been a preconception that they would be "looked after," and not work too hard...this was so, so not true!

    JMI: Of all the photographs you took during the span of your trip, which is your favorite?

    SP: Impossible...but, I love the "heart potato" (pictured above). A young man came up to me in the market and showed it to me. It was strangely moving how much it looked like a heart.

    JMI: I love that shot, too! Was that the most memorable moment of your trip, or is there another moment that sticks out in your mind as being the most special?

    SP: I asked to record some of the singing I had heard the local ladies doing while they worked. Three of the ladies gave me a little private concert. That was awesome.

  • New Portraits by Sue Parkhill!


    Check out these amazing new portraits from Sue Parkhill!

    Sue recently snapped these incredible portraits of Australian novelist, Andrew McGahan (top), and London-based American poet, Barbara Marsh (bottom), as part of the promotion for the writers' latest book releases. While the image of McGahan will appear on the author's promotional handouts, the photograph of Marsh is set to appear on the back of her new book!

    Take a look at the portraits below, and for more of Sue's work, visit the JMI Site!



  • Sue Parkhill: Post Office Campaign!


    Check out the latest from Sue Parkhill!

    Recently, the photographer shot on behalf of the UK Post Office, where she captured a series of incredible photographs for the organization's newest ad campaign. The shoot took place at locations across London, including Bristol and a lawn bowls club near Hampstead Heath (where UK native Kate Moss spends her free time!) The photographer and her crew were even able to get a sneak peek of the new, soon-to-be-released Olympic stamps, courtesy of the Post Office.

    For more from this campaign, click on one of the images below!




  • Sue Parkhill: Abraxane


    We do a lot of work in healthcare advertising, however we haven't seen an ad campaign quite like the recent one shot by Sue Parkhill together with The Cementbloc, a New York based agency.  While the subject matter can be poignant, the agency wanted the ads to read "hopeful." The team went to LA for a 4 day shoot.  By starting work at 4am for the dawn lighting, and into late evening for the perfect dusk light, Sue was able to capture a gorgeous and simple campaign.


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  • Sue Parkhill's Olympic Recap


    It's Monday and the 2012 summer Olympics have come to a close. All the medals have been awarded and the athletes that traveled from far and wide are returning home to their countries. It's hard to believe how the time flew by!

    Many of the JMI photographers live in London and have had unique and exciting experiences living in the host city. We had the opportunity to catch up with Sue Parkhill, a resident of East London who got to witness first hand the Olympic excitement. Here are some of her thoughts on all things London 2012, and some great shots she got throughout the two weeks of games.



    What's your favorite Olympic sport?

    Women's Gymnastics. Nadia Comanici was a childhood hero of mine.


    People have had mixed reactions, what did you think of the opening ceremony?

    I thought it was brilliant- quirky, amusing, political, filmic.


    Although you originally are from Australia, are you Team GB? Or do you decide on who you're rooting for based on something else?

    You know, I'm all over the place. Go Usain Bolt; Go Beth Tweedle; Go Michael Phelps; Go Sally Pearson....


    Have you been to any events?

    Synchronized swimming was the one for me. I did try to get tickets for the gymnastics too but was pretty happy with just synchronized swimming. Just being in the Olympic Park is amazing- you should see the flowers and trees that have been planted.







    We can imagine that the security in the park is insane! What's the protocol for taking pictures? Surely anyone with a phone with camera capability can snap images easily but can you bring in "real" cameras?

    Security was tight, but just like airport security, so a routine we are pretty familiar with. It wasn't a problem to take cameras in. There were army guys everywhere making sure everything was ok but it was very low key and friendly.






    Yes, Olympics are exciting, but what's it like living a city that becomes even more overwhelmed with tourists than usual? Does the city feel different to you?

    I have loved the vibe of London while the Olympics have been on and I live in East London. People have been playing "a bit hard to get" (not me!), but many have also succumbed to the Olympic charm at the last minute.




    Many thanks to Sue Parkhill for sharing her thoughts and snapshots of the Olympics! Next stop, Sochi winter games 2014!

  • Sue Parkhill’s Campaign for Sainsbury’s!


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    Sue Parkhill recently took some awesome photographs for an advertising campaign for Sainsbury’s supermarkets, a leading supermarket retailer in the UK! We love the versatile nature of these shots!


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