• David Sykes: New Ad Campaign!!


    "Love it. Hate it. Just don't forget it" is the slogan currently running in conjunction with the latest ad campaign for Marmite.

    Shot by photographer David Sykes, the "Marmite Neglect" campaign plays upon the contradictory feelings many UK consumers have for the historic condiment, which, with yeast extract as its main ingredient, calls for a particularly acquired taste.  

    Shown below, David's images are the focus of the the company's latest advertising feat, shot with London ad agency adam&eveDDB and appearing in print ads across the UK.

    Depicting fully-stocked cupboards with jars of Marmite tucked negligently in the background, the ads offer a comical acknowledgement of the dichotomy between those consumers who "love" the product and those who "hate it." Things are taken an even wittier step further in Marmite's t.v. commercials. Channeling real-life animal rescue programs, the television ads follow a fictional "Marmite Rescue Unit" in its search to uproot neglected jars of Marmite from negligent consumers' homes before re-housing them with loving families.

    Since its release, the "Marmite Neglect" campaign has received an outpouring of praise for its clever approach to this famous schism in consumer sentiments. The campaign has been raved about on numerous blogs, and even named "Best Outdoor Ad"!

    Check out the advertisements below, and for more of David's work, be sure to visit the JMI Site!





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