• James Merrell Captures London's Creators in New Book


    British photographer James Merrell had an exciting opportunity to bring the cultural hub of England to life through images in the new book 'City Shapers London.' The book, written by Senta Slingerland and published by Lannoo Publishers, features a diverse range of London-based creators and entreprenuers, and explores the way these people are changing the city. Innovations in food, drink, art, fashion, and entertainment and the faces behind them are the themes depicted in James' photographs. Readers will be introduced to cultural pioneers, such as a bartender/bar owner who melds sustainability and luxury, the founder of a fully immersive 'Secret Cinema', and the organizer responsible for the first queer Jewish nightclub in the city.  

    Scroll below for a sneak peek at the work these London creators are doing, and check out more of James' photography here



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