• Jessica Todd Harper shoots for Oprah magazine!


    As an artist, Jessica Todd Harper has become an expert in rendering beautiful and natural-looking portraiture. So it's really no wonder that O the Oprah magazine asked Harper to photograph the below story for the publication's September issue.

    Titled "Can You See the Real Me," the article discusses the life and work of Vivienne Ming, a transgendered person who spent both her childhood and young adulthood trying to figure out how to become comfortable in her own skin.

    Today, Vivienne opens up to Oprah magazine about the tribulations of battling with one's gender identity, and how she eventually achieved peace of mind (and body).

    Pick up a copy of the Oprah magazine to learn more about Vivienne's moving story, and for more of Jessica's stunning portraiture - be sure to visit the JMI site!

    ....And don't forget to keep an eye out for JMI's latest interview with Jessica Todd Harper - coming soon!!



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