• Lajos Geenen: "Stumbled Upon"


    Top Photography Films, a digital publication wholly dedicated to the field of photography and its pursuers, centers its site on contemporary and inspiring work.

    So it's really no wonder JMI's own Lajos Geenen, a photographer whose work is the epitome of all that is modern and inspired, found his way into one of the site's featured articles.

    Titled "Stumbled Upon," the article serves to acknowledge the contextual complexity beneath the body of Geenen's work through the examination of his "Untitled" (artist in studio) series.

    Flipping through the photographer's portfolio, one immediately recognizes the artist's keen eye and creative ingenuity. Both separate, and as a series, Geenen's photographs are intricate and commanding - each image saturated with allegorical importance and aesthetic purpose. By creating what the photographer calls "a carefully constructed tableau," Geenen forces his work's viewer to take in each photo comprehensively, and critically. Juxtaposing the natural with the unnatural, the unaltered with the contrived, (and thus blurring the defining lines therein), Lajos creates a scene of recurring significance. Explains the photographer: "Since awkward or seemingly inappropriate gestures demand more deliberate attention from the viewer, the depicted gestures are neither realistic, nor conventionally artificial. This creates a paradox that relies upon close examination by the viewer to convey meaning, raise questions, and challenge assumptions."

    Privy to a photographic approach that is equal parts spontaneous and calculated, Lajos is enabled by a creative capacity most artists would kill for.

    Sitting down with Top Photography Films, Lajos discusses his methodical approach, his evolution as a photographer, and the inspiration behind his ingenuity.

    Click the links above to read the full article, and for more from Lajos, be sure to visit the JMI site, here.


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