• Marcus Nilsson is "Grillin' Bold"


    We all know the Bush's Baked Beans commercial with the hilarious and spunky talking golden retriever "Duke". Generally, he's offering to sell the coveted "family secret recipe" and he and his owner (company spokesman) Jay Bush get into some discussion about the family recipe tradition. Seen it?

    While they are busy protecting the family recipe, Marcus Nilsson was busy gettin' bold with the Bush's Grillin' Beans! Thumb through any food magazine and you'll see the ads shot by Marcus! "Mouthwatering" indeed. We've been inspired to go pick up a can and have some grillin' beans for dinner to celebrate this first day of summer!

    How are you celebrating the first official day of summer? Share with us and we will send you an awesome fan to keep you cool at your next BBQ!



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