• Photo Phriday: Capturing THE Moment



    (image shot by Al Bello for Getty Images)

    The Olympics are powering on and, sadly, it's that point in the competition that one of our all around favorite events to watch is nearing its end. To celebrate and applaud all of those swimmers who spend countless hours in the pool training, we came across this really interesting article in The New York Times about swimming photographers.

    We certainly have seen countless images of Michael Phelps, Missy Franklin and all of the other competitors outside of the water. But how many times this week have you seen images that were captured mid-race, under water? Personally, we think those are the coolest ones! Al Bello, the Chief Sports Photographer with Getty Images has been capturing "the moment" at 8 Olympic games and various other sporting events throughout his career.

    The NYT article, "How Swimming Photographers Make Their Underwater Moment" tells the story of Bello and his crew and hw they get the perfect shot; something that is not easily accomplished. So we tip our "caps" to Al Bello and all of the photographers who take on all that goes into underwater shooting...we thought the olympians had it hard!

    Happy Friday!

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