• Photo Phriday: Rineke Dijkstra at the Guggenheim!


    This weekend is supposed to be another rainy one here in New York, so why not seek refuge at the Guggenheim? Dotted throughout the museum, in the galleries adjacent to the main spiral is a wonderful photography exhibit: Rineke Dijkstra: A Retrospective

    According to the Guggenheim's Senior Curator of Photography, Jennifer Blessing:

    "Since the early 1990s, Rineke Dijkstra has produced a complex body of photographic and video work, offering a contemporary take on the genre of portraiture. Her large-scale color photographs of young, typically adolescent subjects recall 17th-century Dutch painting in their scale and visual acuity. The minimal contextual details present in her photographs and videos encourage us to focus on the exchange between photographer and subject and the relationship between viewer and viewed."

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    Each gallery displays a different aspect of Dijkstra's work, from the portraits that capture the essense of awkward youth, to the subjects she photographed for years, creating a visual timeline of physical and emotional maturity. The exhbit even includes some of Dijkstra's lesser known, but very entertaining, video work. Don't miss the young girl lip-synching to her favorite Backstreet Boys song!


    Here's an insider tip for when you visit the Guggenheim: Take the elevator up to the top, and work your way down the sprial. That's how Frank Lloyd Wright intended you to experience the museum!

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