• Photo Phriday: Underground New York Public Library


    Hope you've been enjoying the blog this week! The interview with Lee Clower is the kickoff for some of the awesome interviews and collaborative efforts we have planned this Summer here at jmireps.com! Be sure to stay tuned because there is a lot more where that came from!

    For this weeks Photo Phriday, we wanted to share another awesome blog that we came across and are super excited about! Underground New York Public Library captures images of New Yorkers reading on the subway and, much like Humans of New York, (another Photo Phriday featured blog...) it has the ability to captivate viewers for hours.

    What I love about UNYPL is that it captures the emotion, intensity and excitement that so many New Yorkers emote while reading on the subway. I love the fact that every day at noon Ourit Ben-Haim (photographer and genius behind the blog...) posts an "unsolved title" which he then enlists the help of his viewers to help figure out and/or decode! The response and guidance is amazing!

    But the ultimate reason I love UNYPL is that after every viewing, I "click away" with a bunch of new books that I've added to my "to read" list! Hope you enjoy it!

    Happy Weekend!

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