• Sue Parkhill's Olympic Recap


    It's Monday and the 2012 summer Olympics have come to a close. All the medals have been awarded and the athletes that traveled from far and wide are returning home to their countries. It's hard to believe how the time flew by!

    Many of the JMI photographers live in London and have had unique and exciting experiences living in the host city. We had the opportunity to catch up with Sue Parkhill, a resident of East London who got to witness first hand the Olympic excitement. Here are some of her thoughts on all things London 2012, and some great shots she got throughout the two weeks of games.



    What's your favorite Olympic sport?

    Women's Gymnastics. Nadia Comanici was a childhood hero of mine.


    People have had mixed reactions, what did you think of the opening ceremony?

    I thought it was brilliant- quirky, amusing, political, filmic.


    Although you originally are from Australia, are you Team GB? Or do you decide on who you're rooting for based on something else?

    You know, I'm all over the place. Go Usain Bolt; Go Beth Tweedle; Go Michael Phelps; Go Sally Pearson....


    Have you been to any events?

    Synchronized swimming was the one for me. I did try to get tickets for the gymnastics too but was pretty happy with just synchronized swimming. Just being in the Olympic Park is amazing- you should see the flowers and trees that have been planted.







    We can imagine that the security in the park is insane! What's the protocol for taking pictures? Surely anyone with a phone with camera capability can snap images easily but can you bring in "real" cameras?

    Security was tight, but just like airport security, so a routine we are pretty familiar with. It wasn't a problem to take cameras in. There were army guys everywhere making sure everything was ok but it was very low key and friendly.






    Yes, Olympics are exciting, but what's it like living a city that becomes even more overwhelmed with tourists than usual? Does the city feel different to you?

    I have loved the vibe of London while the Olympics have been on and I live in East London. People have been playing "a bit hard to get" (not me!), but many have also succumbed to the Olympic charm at the last minute.




    Many thanks to Sue Parkhill for sharing her thoughts and snapshots of the Olympics! Next stop, Sochi winter games 2014!

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