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    since it IS 2009 - we, the girls at judith miller inc, have decided to join the rest of the 21st century and start a blog.  we're pretty excited about it.  apparently everyone is doing it.  at first we wondered if it was something that we should do - sort of like admitting that we get excited when we hear an old New Kids on the Block song.  do people actually do that?  however, its quickly become one of our guilty pleasures... right up there with reality tv, celebrity magazines, and pinkberry.  hopefully everyone will enjoy reading some of the posts even half as much as we enjoy posting them.  as we dive into the world of blogging and we become bigger and better bloggers... go ahead and send us some of the blogs youve become addicted to (because lets be honest... this is a bonafide addiction).  our next step - twitter... stay tuned.

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