Eric Thompson


Eric is a lifestyle, portrait, and fine art photographer whose work has been shot and exhibited globally. Beginning his career as a digital technician, Eric has a deep understanding and appreciation for where the technical and artistic aspects of photography intersect.

Eric's focus is on character development and creating worlds that are genuine and real, relying on what's both inside and outside the frame to tell a story. He is always looking to capture those rare, "hard to re-create" moments; a touch, a glance, or something else fleeting and uninhibited. With a portfolio of work that is rooted in reality, Eric strives to show respect for his subjects and depict them in a world that is comfortable and interesting.  

Originally from North Vancouver, British Columbia, Eric now calls Brooklyn home. He can get lost for hours whipping up something delicious in the kitchen or strumming the guitar.


FCB Heath, Pfizer, Amgen, Exact Sciences, Aerie for American Eagle, Artic Cat, Cologuard, Unsubscribed, Periscope, Sun Pharmaceutical, Mad Lab Distillery, Jewel Toned, Hye Sun Mun, Canadian Tourism Commission, Travel Alberta, Canfor, RJC Engineering