Sue Parkhill

Sue Parkhill's work feels like it comes from the heart. Her lighting is very painterly but her work has a compelling reality to it. Her work is sensitive and never overworked with a real breadth of vision. 

Sue doesn't get bogged down in details and she's highly technical. She is incredibly approachable and has very little ego. 

Sue was born and grew up in Australia. She received her Masters in Fine Art from the Royal College of Art in London. Her work has been exhibited in Europe, North America and Australia.

During her career she was chosen for the PDN 30's and was the photographic Creative Future for Creative Review. She has been cited by Campaign Awards as one of the UK's top 10 Photographers - twice. She was the winner of the Association of Photographers bursary for her work about Social Housing in Eastern Europe. The British Council has sent her to Azerbaijan and Nigeria to run photography workshops and she has travelled to Uganda, Bangladesh, Kenya and Cambodia on photo assignments for the charities UNICEF and Farm Africa. 

Sue enjoys the collaborative aspect and finite time inherent with working commercially. 

She lives and works in East London. 


Nokia, Mastercard, Volkswagon, Nike, Sony, Libero Diapers, McDonalds, NatWest Bank, AVENT, Unicef, Scottish Power, Abraxane (pharma), AbbVie Inc. (pharma), Tetly Tea, Listerine, LG, Hovis, AOL, W.H. Smith, Citroen, Foster's Ale, Imperial Cancer Fund, Wall's Ice Cream, Halfords, Persil, Sainsbury, Royal Mail, Post Office, Esso Feul, BP,, Bydureon (pharma)



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