Martin Bourne

Martin grew up in both East London and leafy Hertfordshire, England. While studying textile design at college in London he realized he wanted more say in the spaces his work would be used. Martin went on to study interior design and found his way to styling when an art director and friend approached him to collaborate. Growing up in England, Martin was frequently dragged around various stately homes on school trips and family holidays. Being immersed in homes where an old rotary phone sat atop a rococo side table, against a medieval tapestry, eventually rubbed off. He welcomes the quirky and the layered.

As a stylist, Martin enjoys being given the nugget of an idea and allowed to build a story. It’s a delight to have the experience and courage to make something unique and new for a client.

Martin has lived and worked in New York City for 25 years. He escapes to his upstate home where he is currently enamored with meadow rue mixed with towering dahlias and rudbeckia. His garden informs how he likes to arrange flowers, plants grow and seed where you never intended, and those happy accidents make magic. 


1st Dibs, AirBnB, Architectural Digest, The Bar, Bed Bath & Beyond, Bloomingdales, Coca Cola, Cowtan and Tout, CW Stockwell, Google, Hill House Home, J Crew, Martha Stewart Living, Mitchell Gold, Moda Operandi, Perigold, Robert Allen Design, Sealy, T Magazine, Target, Tiffany & Co., Town & Country, Ulla Johnson, West Elm, Williams Sonoma